Explaining to JWs they are not a superior lot

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  • greendawn

    They used to accuse other religions for having a lot of sex scandals but in the end they proved to be just as bad with scandals going up to the GB. They are not the pure organisation they used to claim.

  • wombat

    "Our's is the God of true prohesy

    What he foretells comes to be"

    Like what over the past 120 years ?

  • Terry

    Responsible people in a society do the following:

    1.They take care of the needs of the people they value. Medical care, education, civil duty and charity.

    Jehovah's Witnesses will allow loved ones to die, refuse to encourage college, refuse to improve local government and abhor any charity in existence. Further, they build no schools, hospitals, daycare facilities nor do they fund any scholarships or counseling programs.

    2.Responsible people in society are willing to participate in the fair and balanced exchange of differing points of view keeping an honest open mind when confronted with evidence they hold erroneous views.

    Jehovah's Witnesses take a "my way or the highway" approach to conversation because it can only be on their own terms. They are hypocrites because they expect others to read materials critical of deeply held religious views while refusing to even look at evidence their own religion is filled with error.

    3.Responsible people in society create and provide for their own future by encouraging savings and retirement investments.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have no future except a delusional one requiring the slaughter of everybody who is NOT one of them! The old and the infirm and the retired are helpless parasites on their families and congregations because the reality of actually aging and dying was never represented as even possible!

    I'd point these facts out to the so-called SUPERIOR minded JW's you encounter.

    They cannot defend their uncharitable cold-hearted religion on these points. They are not allowed to deal with the real world or even face the fact that life and death are the same for everybody----even them.


  • metatron

    If I encounter any Witnesses who feel this way, it is often useful to point out the problems in most congregations - chronic sickness,

    credit cards maxed out, lousy jobs, marriages breaking apart, kids getting df'd, and elders who can't or won't cope.

    There is so much of this going on, it usually shuts them up.


  • jgnat

    Words are cheap. I'd show them how to act.

  • greendawn

    Even more good points the JWs are "an uncharitable and cold hearted religion" they concentrate on a cerebral attitude to have the right dogma supposedly but otherwise they completely ignore the emotional needs of their followers who need to feel loved in the collective. And as a society they do have many serious problems at the personal level which means their environment is not that healthy and wholesome.

  • KW13

    apart from showing them the lies, i would also suggest that a there is no organization just for God, that his original chosen people failed to keep to his words, and that really no one belonged to anything or anyone but Christ, and that his gift mentioned in ephesians isn't from works...also where in the bible do they come in...

  • Robdar

    But of course they are superior. The Bible tells them they are. The WTBTS tells them they are. They tell each other they are. They are persecuted because they are so superior and everybody else is just so jealous.

    I think it's impossible to tell them that they are not superior. Ever notice that blank look they get on their face when something doesn't compute with what they believe? Most of them would make a great poster child for cognitive dissonance.

  • rebel8

    I just say exactly what you posted, "You are not superior to other religions..........." Then I say, "If you believe you have evidence to the contrary, please share it." Then I stop and listen to the crickets.

  • LDH

    When a JW stopped by my home last fall, she tried to 'woo' me back by talking about the 'superiority of their clean ways!' Can you imagine!!!

    She said she and her husband are happily married and wouldn't I agree that following Bible principles are the best way to maintain a Happy Marriage ? TM

    I said, "OF COURSE." She smiled before I finished my sentence. "NOT!!!!!"

    I asked her to explain to me how millions of people who have never heard of the Bible have managed to be happily married. This seemed to knock her for a loop. She had no answer.

    They can't answer logic.

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