Explaining to JWs they are not a superior lot

by greendawn 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    How would you explain to them that they are not really better than the rest of society and that their religion is not superior to serious christian religions?

    That their superiority complex is based on a lot of hot air in their leaders' heads.

  • Elsewhere

    I would first need to ask them in what regard(s) they believe they are superior. I would then ask them to provide empirical evidence they claim demonstrates this superiority.

    Hearsay and anecdotal evidence will not be accepted. If anecdotal evidence carried any weight I could "prove" that distilled water cures cancer.

  • serendipity

    For a million dollar donation, the GB might arrange to explain this as part of the DC program this summer.

  • Golf

    GD, I wouldn't waste my time because it wouldn't penetrate.


  • moshe

    Ask- If they are so superior, why was the last JW public debate by a Watchtower president before WWII ? Have they failed to notice that their leaders avoid all public debate or question-answer meetings. What are they hiding from?



  • Spectrum

    The problem is if you ask them this question their fake modesty would compel them to say that they don't think they are superior so you won't get very far.

  • Legolas

    They will see in time!

  • Chimene
    GD, I wouldn't waste my time because it wouldn't penetrate.

    Nope, never will

  • Maryjane

    I agree with many of the other responses...it's a no-win mission

    I actually attempted such recently and the JW's defense was "these are not my views, they are God's from his inspired scriptures, of course God's views are superior...yada yada yada"

    Waiting with Legolas for the time when "they will see". In the meantime, I'm ignoring them.

  • kid-A

    You cant. This is a concept so deeply ingrained in the JW psyche, to admit this would send the glass universe of a JW crashing to the ground. The very essence of the JW thought process begins with the premise: "We have the truth. They have lies. We will be saved. They will be annihilated". This mind-set is the psychological fuel that keeps the JW functioning in the day-to-day world.

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