TIJUANA, Mexico -- Mexico has closed the Famous Cancer Clinic

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  • skyman

    TIJUANA, Mexico -- Mexico has closed the Famous Cancer Clinic mentioned the Magazines several time. My mom went down there this summer and she said everyone there was JW’s including a D.O. and his wife It is amazing how many Witnesses have been going down there from the area I live. The clinic is closed, and it’s the 20 patients that were there _ all Americans _ were given three days to find new facilities. The clinic's founder and director, Kurt W. Donsbach, has a criminal past and a reputation for offering dubious treatments to desperately ill patients, according to court records and a watchdog group.


  • skyman

    I think the clinic prayed on the stupidity of the JW's. I believe in alternative treatments but I never bought into the clinics methods. For example, several friends came home on diets that took them off all tomatoes products and caffeine. I laughed at them. Tomatoes and caffeine are two things known to help fight cancer. So I wrote the Library of Congress and found out the survival rate for people that went down there with the survival rate for people that go to the US cancer hospitals the survival rate was much high for the people that went to the USA special cancer hospitals. I had one sister after reading Library's of congress letter smash the letter up and throw it on the ground. She then said I would never believe any of that.

  • TheListener

    Does anyone have the magazine references to this clinic? Are we sure it's the same clinic? Are there more than one of these types of clinics in Tijuana?

  • IP_SEC

    Is this the Hoxsey clinic? I had a duya friend who went there. He's in remission now.

  • greendawn

    Are they the people that use apricot kernels and the vitamin it contains (laetrile) to cure cancer? They claim it works but the drug companies are suppressing it because it will do away with their cancer drugs. Perhaps they are right but then if laetrile was so effective we would know about it, and oppportunists do know how to exploit people in despair. Just like the FDS.

  • ohiocowboy

    On the advice of a Brother in our cong. who was a Chiropractor and holistic Doctor, my parents took my Grandmother there. She was fed raw liver juice several times daily, and also a concoction of strained spinach and other juices. Needless to say, it didn't work. I remember seeing people there that were in their last stages of cancer, and saw how the cancer had literally eaten away at their bodies.

    The brother who advised us to go also went with us, and I remember that one of the Doctors down there had him sneak back a bunch of pills so that someone could pick them up once we got back across the border. It made my parents really nervous.

    So many people had their hopes crushed by thinking that they could be cured there...

  • DannyHaszard

    How do we know that 'miracle cures' aren't being suppressed by a conspiracy clique of global elitist.

    SIMPLE read the obituaries the rich,the very filthy rich and famous,the very spiritually devout,the good and the wicked all die at the same age.

    I had incurable brutal ulcerative colitis for 28 years and so do one of my doctors. [Well meaning friends from my cong put me on a 'miracle' cabbage juice diet even gave me an expensive juicer machine just gave me wicked gas]

  • willowmoon

    I have a friend, an American cancer doc, who shares research with this and other Mexican clinics. He's a brilliant and dedicated doc, disillusioned with much of the U.S. health care system, trying to reach out and help those who are suffering and often haven't gotten adequate or advanced medical care here in the USA. The facility did help and even cured a lot of patients who were left for dead in the U.S., sometimes even because of lack of funds or insurance coverage.

    Some of the methods and theories do seem extreme. I think, though, the majority of patients are seeking alternative and holistic treatments, rather than chemical treatments and radical surgeries offered at many U.S. cancer centers. Also, sadly, many turn to facilities like this as a last resort, when it's already too late anyway, but they're seeking a miracle.

    I never heard that about the JWs. The hospital did do blood transfusions.

    IP, it was the Santa Monica Health Institute. There are many of these clinics in the Tijunana area.


  • skyman

    It is the clinic that all the witnesses that live here go to. On the CBS news they showed the building and my mom and a brother down the road both said it was the very building they have went to.

  • jgnat

    Santa Monica Health Institute


    More about Donsbach, the director of the institute


    I have found a few discussion boards that discusses Mr. Donsbach's advice to use hydrogen peroxide therapy to reoxygenate blood, thereby avoiding a blood transfusion. Quack.

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