What has hurt you the most for being a JW?

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  • loosie

    Mine is phyiscal.

    I was born with a bone defect. That wasn't corrrected when I was 2 like it could have been and I would have never been the wiser. Because when I was 2 it was 1972, and Armageddon was coming, I would be perfect in a few years.

    Now I am in pain when I sit and stand and walk.

    So much for being perfect.

  • Chimene
    I resented the lack, of brotherly love and warmth they were promising you before you joined, you leave the world your friends and family to find a really cold and uncaring environment.

    Amen Greendawn

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The lack of genuine love, the shunning of those who leave by people who they still love

    The way I allowed them to fool me so easily and throw away my education and the career I had planned

  • AudeSapere

    My lost childhood and adolescence.


  • still angry
    still angry

    The disillusionment from growing up a JW has affected my life in so many ways, but perhaps the most distressing is the lack of trust I have for people in general which affects all relationships. Also, the distrust in ANY god, thus destroying any chances of a "normal" spiritual life in any religion.

    On a secular level, the inability to attend college, in fact, my parents pulled me out of public school to be home schooled in 8th grade. (God forbid I looked at a boy! Gasp!) I have managed to raise above it by continuing to pursue careers in insurance and finance that do not require a four year degree, but it still makes me angry that I can't go back to college if I wanted to at this point due to my parents wonderful "ideas".

    Let's see, I have four brothers, all of which either left home or were kicked out at 17/18 years old, so my family was destroyed. My youngest brother was a drug addict for a number of years after which has seriously impaired his faculties. Another brother has been divorced twice and yet the third is too distrustful of anybody to contemplate marriage. I hurt for all of them, and even though they all rarely discuss growing up in JW hell, they all acknowledge how negatively the experience affects all their lives. I refused to go to the hall at 16 when I found out through simple research that in my state they couldn't force me to go. I actually begged to go to a foster home. This was all 14 years ago and yet it seems like yesterday.

    Sorry, I kinda rambled off point, but this was my first post and I got carried away!

    Thanks to whomever designed this site, it is truly needed.

  • alamb

    Welcome to the board Stillangry! There are many wonderful people here and it's good to have this place.

    What has hurt the most? Having my 3 daughters swallowed up in the cult and having nothing I can do about it other than watch and hope.

  • serendipity

    Fear, distrust and feeling unlovable.

  • serendipity

    HI still angry, welcome to the forum!

  • Berean

    What has hurt you the most for being a JW?

    Lets see being a Corporate loyalist for several years, toeing the line, doing everything right and then being lied about and slandered by a Suck up (who admittedly read apostate literature at one time and then lied later that he didn't; that took a job that was a supervisors job and that kept him from 37% of the meetings; while I quit three jobs that kept me from the meetings - and took a pay cut to do so) that wanted to take over the control of the congregation.

    Then the CO and DO buying into the "Corporate Suck up's" lies and slander. Also having two fellow "Loving" elders in another congregation buy into the "lies and slander" and repeating them to the CO and DO; although, the elders in my congregation (and six others in that congregation) didn't agree with the "lies and slander" they kept their mouths shut because they were scared $hitless.

    Then, after I called everyone to task about the whole matter (the lies and slander), all said that my attitude showed that "something" must be wrong. Yes, there was something wrong, I realized just how corrupt everything was.

    All this led me to look into why the WTBS would behave in a more - corrupt and worldly manner than any "Worldly" Corporation that I have ever worked for.

    Since I left the "Spirit Directed Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" I have advanced in my career and am happier than ever.

    What a bunch of LIARS! What a bunch of SLANDERERS! HYPOCRITES!

    Good riddance.

    Brean (ok... after this rant I feel better)

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I think it would b interesting to take a poll. It seems reading this and other threads like it, those of us born into the borg despise the loss of our childhood the most, its just such a common theme among us, I'd say that wins hands down. But for those that came in as adults it doesn't seem that there is quite as clear cut common theme with them, except for maybe shunning.

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