Did You Help Anyone To Get Baptized?

by minimus 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    We need to make up for our sins if we aided others toward JW baptism, no??

  • Alwayshere

    Yes, my kids and I have to live with it!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I studied with somebody who eventually got baptized but it was going to happen regardless if I was there or anybody else was. Half way through the study the brothers thought it would be better for somebody else to study with the guy, so I didn't even finish it all the way.

  • wombat

    Yeah...a family I met door-to-door and studied with. I was so proud at the time and now I am consumed with guilt. What did I do to their happy lives ? And I believe in Karma.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Yep a couple with 4 young Kids were baptized.my studies.about 12 years ago.

    Am i pissed with myself for doing it.No,there were no Arms pressed up anyones backs and i sincerely thought i was doing the right thing.

    No sleep lost...more pissed off with myself for falling for it all at an early Age.

    Mind you if i could say/do anything to help them get out the Religion i most certainly would...sadly i think they are there for the long haul.Hes a superstar Elder now too.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    We need to make up for our sins if we aided others toward JW baptism, no?? No.

  • slugga

    I took my best mates little brother's study till he got dipped. Hes still in and has kids of his own now all being brainwashed the way I did their dad.


  • Quandary

    Unfortuneatly I "helped", "studied with" 5 people to the point of baptism. Thank God that two of them are out now and 1 is inactive.


  • DannyBloem

    yes, but I promise myself to get more out then in....

  • joelbear

    only 1 and she was an elderly lady who died not long after she was baptized. i do think her study brought her some peace at the end of her life, i certainly enjoyed her friendship, she was the highlight of my 2 years of fulltime service. she knew i liked well water so she brought me back a supply from her sister's and i used to sit and sip on it while we studied. she kept it ice cold for me. i picked her up for meetings in my horrible pioneer car. those were the days.

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