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  • wednesday

    True, we all shun persons we don't want to associate with, however, there might be a case for intimidation and scare tatics.. Families shun b/c, as we know, the jws go beyond what is written in the bible and make up all kinds of special rules . They scare, intimidate, and threaten their members with df if they don't shun. They spiritually abuse people. And that is what this is, shunning is spiritual abuse. Yes familes frequently don't speak to each other, but are they doing it b/c they fear being df from their church or b/c they just choose to? Big difference.

  • Lilycurly

    My father didn't want to shun me....he tried every loop-hole. But it seems like he is too scared to disobey the WT thus loosing the carrot...uh, I mean earthly paradise.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    As much as this is a practice that should be stopped, it would not be benificial for the government to do anything. Think about it, do the Witnesses really need a reason to feel they are being persecuted by the governments? All it would do is provide more false convition amongst believers. Whatis going on between the Society, its believers and ex members has been played out before elsewhere in history but with differant names. Mans struggle against the power of religious leaders and their dogmatic approach to spiritual issues has created frustration, pain, and sadfully caasualities.

  • wombat

    In Queensland, Australia, the law says that if you make a purchase from an unsolicited sales call you have a ten day "cooling off "period in which you may cancel the sale. No penalties.

    The salesperson must give you a form for you to sign at the time of purchase advising you of this ten day "cooling off" period. A copy is kept by both parties.

    I recommend that all JW baptismal candidates be given a ten year "cooling off" period.

  • Mary
    I recommend that all JW baptismal candidates be given a ten year "cooling off" period.

    Ya no kidding eh? Actually, seeing as most Witnesses get baptised before they are legally an adult, it could be argued that the "contract" that the WTS claims that a member violates when they go against the GB, could be considered null and void.

  • wombat

    Very good point Mary...In fact I know of an instance where a high up JW had a close family member's baptism annulled because the JW argued that that person didn't understand the baptism vows. This allowed the JW to talk to that person again. Boy, the strings you can pull if you are high up.

    But back to your point... They enforce contracts made by minors.

  • Flash


    My father didn't want to shun me....he tried every loop-hole. But it seems like he is too scared to disobey the WT thus loosing the carrot...uh, I mean earthly paradise.

    The ancient Jews had the same problem when Christ came exposing the religious leaders as hypocrites and vipers. Matthew 22:18 and chapter 23, John 9:22, 12:42, 16:1-4

  • outoftheorg

    I took my wife to her second three weeks of chemo sessions for the pancreatic cancer. This is the first cat scan since the start of chemo sessions. They find some shrinking of the cancer. Good news.

    Another interesting thing was the social worker talking to us and a few others about how to handle the stress of this all.

    After this was over I found myself alone with this social worker and she wanted to ask some questions.

    She wanted to know some of my past and how this may affect the present in regards to how I will handle the stress.

    This gave me the opportunity to speak to her in depth for about an hour about the wbts and their demands and punishment and cult like behaviour. She listened to all of it and asked several questions and told me she had to deal with jw's quite often.

    She said this explains some of the odd reactions she saw in these jw's and how they behaved.

    We went deeply into the shunning and its affect on people. We also went into the fear/guilt tools the wbts uses on its followers.

    She kept coming back to the shunning issue as she found it so hateful so hard to believe. From what I observed in her I think that this shuning issue should be promoted and especially letting others know

    that this is not a few weeks or months thing like in other religions, It is for life if one does not come back and grovel for reinstatement. It destroys families and friends for life in many if not most cases.

    I learned that most people think this is a few weeks or months at the most when a person is shunned.

    I believe that very few people really know what it means to be excomunicated by the jw's.

    Even though this is the most horrible thing they can and do inflict on their members


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    This is an article I came across a few years ago from the LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT
    Research Branch

    The Canadian government is aware of the JW shunning practice, but the conclusion of the paper says it all

    This paper has attempted to describe the disfellowshipping and shunning practices of JWs and to present possible remedial actions which might be taken by an individual to address the injury he or she is caused by these practices. It concludes that a self-help approach may be more effective. at the end of the dale, than pursing legal avenues.
  • outoftheorg

    That's a very large read Bumble Bee and quite interesting.

    It was dated 1992 I think it said. I wonder if Canada would give this another look based on the later more detailed knowledge.

    Maybe some of the people that know Quotes and your self could get the government to reinvestigate?

    Whatcha think??


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