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  • Elsewhere

    Muslims are starting to remind me of this quote:

    I am treated as evil by people who claim that they are being oppressed because they are not allowed to force me to practice what they do.—D. Dale Gulledge
  • katiekitten
    America is so worried about offending everyone else that our culture is dying. It won't get any better either. It's gone too far...

    Huh? I totally DONT agree with fundamentalist moslems being able to impose their madness on anyone else, but I had no idea America was frightened of offending anyone (Iraq, Afghanistan). I thought Americana and western coca cola santa claus blue jeans nike gap union carbide macdonalds KFC burger king was all pervasive and subsuming every native culture going.

  • Mary
    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

    Oh great. Now these idiots are probably on their way here to Cana-DUH where we let them tell us how to live. They also have no hesitation in demanding free food, free clothing, free shelter, free health care and money money money for their "cultural organizations". Hell, there's one area in Brampton, Ontario where the entire section is all Muslim and they have those damn sirens that go off to tell you it's "prayer time". How frigging scary is that?

    AMERICA and Canada..... ARE YOU LISTENING?
    Surely you jest. Our pathetic excuse of a government here will bend over backwards to accomodate Muslims coming in to this country. Hey, you find Christmas offensive? No problem! We'll make it politically incorrect to say "Merry Christmas". Were you pissed off at the Muslim community after 9-11? Shame on you! After all, they have their "Rights" and if that includes belonging to a whacked out religion that likes to murder anyone who doesn't agree with them, then we'll make sure that no one steps on those Rights. There's a well known terrorist that lives not 10 miles from me and he's been there for 20 years. The Canadian government has known all along where he's been, and they actually "questioned" him a couple of years ago. He admitted to participating in bombings, but golly gee----the guy has a wife and children. It would be soooooo terrrible and politically incorrect to charge him with anything, or God forbid, kick his sorry ass out of the country. This country is going to hell in a hand bag.........maybe I'll move to Australia.........actually, I probably could seeing as Canada and Australia are both still part of the British Commonweath............hmmmmm..............

  • scotsman

    I guess the Australians are asking for the same respect that they gave the Aborigines...

  • slugga


    So Immigrants to Australia have to change their life style to fit in with the locals huh?

    So does this mean that White European Aussies will be taking up hunting with spears and boomerangs anytime soon?

    Na, didn't think so



  • scotsman


  • slugga

    *Puts hand down as the brothers already answered*

  • scotsman

    *shudders at the memory*

  • wombat

    Slugga...Maybe I haven't read the complete thread but it appears that your last comment was a really dumb one.

    How's things going with Muslims in the UK?

    It was the bloody Poms that did the damage to our Aboriginies. We Australians are just the result of a huge melting pot of immigrants from all over the world since. Don't blame us for Pommie ignorance. in the first place.

    Another few blokes got stabbed this week at our famous Bondi beach by men of "middle eastern appearance". These boys love to come in gangs and insist on a riotous soccer game amongst the sunbathers. They are disgusting in their behaviour towards Australian females and if anyone dares disagree they will be back soon with a bunch of mates with weapons.

    Get real

  • caligirl

    I so completely agree with that article (substitute U.S. for Australia) However it all came to pass in history, the laws of the land, the customs of the land are firmly established. We should not be required to call our Christmas celebrations " Winter Parties" or any other such nonsense just because someone who wasn't born here claims to take offense at others public displays of religion. I have no problem with others celebrating however they choose. I am not offended when someone celebrates holidays differently, nor do I expect them to change the name of their celebrations for me, why should I be expected to change everything I do for them?

    If you move to a country and become a citizen of another country, you are making a public declaration that you choose to live there, which implies that you find something redeeming about that place that makes it better than where you were born. I am not suggesting that people have to abandon their culture, or become like everyone else, but for God's sake, if wherever the person moved from was so great, they would have stayed there! So why should they move to another country and then expect that country to become just like the one they chose to leave?

    I live in Southern California, about 50 miles from the border with Mexico. I have no issues with immigration, but I do have an issue with ILLEGAL immigration. I can't walk over the border into Mexico, speaking no spanish, and get a drivers licence down there, and expect everyone to learn english to accomodate me. I would never be so presumtuous as to expect another country to bend to fit my needs. If I choose to go there, then I am the one who has to adjust. Why is someone who walks accross the border to this country without following the proper channels be able to waltz in, and instantly be "entitled" to all the benefits of being a legal citizen, and try to require me to learn their language? It is getting increasingly hard to get a job in some areas here if you don't speak spanish. When I call my insurance company I have to push the button in order to continue hearing english! My husband got his job by a thin margin, and only because he is so experienced at what he does that it slightly compensated for the fact that he speaks no spanish. A school principal was fired because he was not bilingual. This is the kind of thing that really pisses me off.

    Ok, I will get off my soap box now.

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