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  • daystar

    A large percentage of the population of the world have been raised to be pussies. They can't handle someone else living their lives the way they want to, without getting offended.

    "Don't offend me by using the word Christmas! I'm a Pagan and I don't celebrate it and so there!" Boo-effing hoo! I'm not a Christian either, but, so what if other people want to celebrate it.

    It's because people have been taught growing up to be overly-sensitive. It's the same thing that is causing such a problem in our school systems as well. We've all heard the stories. In some areas it is impossible to get a failing grade because the parents will throw a hissy-fit, not at the child, but at the school for daring to give the child a failing score.

    Afraid to deal with reality, so many people would rather just try to change the rules.

  • slugga
    It was the bloody Poms that did the damage to our Aboriginies. We Australians are just the result of a huge melting pot of immigrants from all over the world since. Don't blame us for Pommie ignorance. in the first place.

    Wombat, its so easy to blame others, Sure I agree the poms started it, but aussies carried it on. Who was it that snatched away aboriginal children right up until 1969..poms?

    Nope it was the aussie gov..

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