ON NEWS WIRE "Illuminati-reptilian C.T. Russell "

by DannyHaszard 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Christian Peper
    Christian Peper

    It is important to take the elite to task for their crimes but it is also important to use common sense when evaluating “conspiracy theories”. The best way to evaluate the information posted by Danny (God bless you) is as further proof that the elite are arrogant and believe we should obey and serve a manmade “god”. To the elite we are all scum that is happier being told what to think. The elite are “reptilian” like in that they are arrogant and their arrogance leads to evil. Use common sense when evaluating conspiracy theories and understand that with wealth and power also comes arrogance and then comes evil. That sounds like the watchtower cult to me! Christian Peper

  • integ

    I heard that L. Ron Hubbard was secretly an elder in the Xenu congregation. Along with a Brother 'Smurf'. Makes you think.....

  • daniel-p

    Welcome to the Internet.

  • IreallydidwalkoutofaKH

    I know this take is a little late...by 2 years but better late than never...On the reptilian take, however, I think that goes back to the Sumerian belief.....Ancient takes have been used and abused to serve purposes for the elites. Come on........we experienced that with Judge Rutherford....He would take something from another belief and use it to control the "sheep".... Damn....sometimes as humans, we really give sheep a bad reputation............

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