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  • cyd0099

    Was your old congregation one of those that got together and publicly, noisily, happily destroyed your records?

    Mine was.

    It was pretty dumb because most of us replaced our albums within about a year after missing music that we liked in the first place.

  • Tigerman

    What? Please tell me they didn't actually do this !

  • IronClaw

    That is the Unforgiveable sin

  • deeskis

    far out!

    reminds me of the public book burnings in nazi germany.

  • Highlander

    I was briefly at a congregation Minneapolis, Minnesota. I remember an elder stopped by for a social visit with my roommate and his girlfriend. My roommate was telling me

    that this elder proceeded to inspect all the movies, cd's that were in the house to see if they were up to WT society standards. Shortly after that night,

    my roommate discarded the condemned movies and cd's. I couldn't believe that my roommate allowed this to occur,, He's one of the few that has a college degree and is

    a thinking person. However at the time he was dating and has since married a pioneer sister, so his goals soon changed to that of becoming a servant, then elder and putting

    spiritual things first. I always thought his then GF and now wife, was full of crap. If she was so spiritual, why did she go after a successful college graduate,, why not after

    one of the single pioneer brothers that cleaned toilets for a living? hmmm I'm getting off topic now so I'll stop.

  • greendawn

    The music shops must have been grateful to the dubs for ruining your records so that you had to replace them. What was it about disco music, it originated in pagan Africa? Who thought of them as being such? But the JWs always have to be very strict and ultra pure.

  • lola28

    Thats bullsh**, never mess with the music.


  • prophecor

    Below is the bridge where I've buried countless albums, tapes, and other such items never to be seen again

    At least until I went back and purchased them again. It was a monumental exercise of futility

  • cyd0099

    I think it was a talk at the DC about 'music that debases' in the early 80's that got us all fired up.

    We had a picnic at an elder's house and brought in armfuls of records, although I think the smart kids brought old, scratched to hell records for destruction.

    WE partied dub-style while sledge hammering away.

    God, I was dumb...

  • serendipity

    Hi Cyd,

    I remember that! Over 100 albums up in flames.... I didn't replace them, so maybe it wasn't that important to me....

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