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  • Phil

    For all the persons that have been lured into the JW organization I was wondering if there is a magic age level or maximum exposure time where such a person comes to the realization that what he /she has been filled with information and doctrine that only hurts families and is the major cause of their breakup with their families. I have seen some people that have come to the realizationaround the age of 40. Would this be the age of realization? Is it something else?

  • skyman

    I was age 37 so you could say around forty for me at least.

  • Kaput

    I don't think there's any particular "age of realization". When it happens it happens. I've heard of people coming to that realization in their teens...others in their seventies or eighties.

  • lola28

    I figured it out at 20, began to study when I was 14 ( I swear I must have fallen and hit my head)


  • garybuss

    I was 30. A friend was born in like me and left at 50. My dad is still in at 85.

  • kid-A

    I was about 11. But couldnt do much about it since I was born into it. Being so young however, let me avoid baptism and an awkward fading.

  • Undecided

    About 40 for me too, I think I was like Skyman at 37.

    Ken P.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    there is no age. it's a mental space. for some people, the mental space is forced upon them by retarded elders. for others, they come to the mental space on their own. at anyrate, the mental space is about questioning doctrine at some point. there are kids on this board who are like 15 years old, and have done it on their own. and there are 60 year olds who have been forced into the mental space by elders.


  • luna2

    I started becoming really dissatisfied at around 40. The generation change thing set off a warning bell in my head that only got louder as the years went by.

    I began to notice that the Watchtower articles on how to behave as a good little dub would give you the party line...the one they wanted you to follow...but then back away from it by saying its a conscience matter a few sentances later. I'd been in long enough to see just how that worked out...and to resent it.

    It seemed like those who just paid lip service to the WTS counsel on working or education or recreation, but pretty much did whatever was in their own best interests, were much happier people. Like a dope, I'd made major life decisions based on what I thought those "Jah-inspired" guys in Brooklyn were advising us to do...and then felt like an idiot when I saw policies suddenly ease up or change completely thereby rendering any sacrifices I'd made, advice I'd given or rules laid down for my children invalid. Almost all of the decisions I made based on JW principals turned out to be crap in the end.

    For me it took time to be able to see just how full of garbage the WTS was. I'm not sure anybody could have just told me. Sadly, I had to experience it first hand.

  • Phil

    Luna 2

    Was there a single item that stands out. Something that triggered your mind to slide away from the borg

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