Magic moment

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  • Phil


    I am looking for the best common thread I can find so I can trigger something in my daughters mind to get her to think a little. Just a little short of hitting her on the head with it.

  • atypical

    29 for me. I was on a cruise. I was sitting in a lounge by a huge glass window holding a martini. I was just watching the water go by and letting my mind drift. All of a sudden, the world seemed so much bigger and more complicated than I had ever been told. I shook my head and laughed inside at the notion of one tiny group of people thinking they have it all figured out.

  • Seeker4

    For me it was right around 40 as well, after being being baptized since I was 11. Very similar to Luna's experience.

    I think it started when I realized that, despite everything I'd been taught since a child, I really was going to grow old and die in this system.

    After that I stepped down as an elder, though still believing much of what the Witnesses taught. I slowly allowed myself to really think and question, and when the 1914 Generation change occurred, that was the final stroke for me. I quietly researched all the serious questions I had, and then left the Witnesses, no longer a believer.

    I think this is common, and probably a common age to look at one's life and question what you've done, where you're headed and so on. Coming to grips with one's mortality, it seems.


  • hybridous

    It was probably at the age of 10 or 11 for me. I had lived long enough to know the extent of the JW routine, and how nothing meaningful would ever change to allow some level of comfort or normality.

    Having all the experience of my 10 or 11 years behind me, I would repeatedly try to extrapolate my future. What would my life be like? What would I make of myself? Would I ever be able to convince myself to buy into this crazy religion enough to believe that I was doing the right thing? Would I ever have ONE GODDAMNED MORSEL of FUN before I DIE?!

    So, you can see my line of thinking, and how at such an early age, I just knew I would leave. Everything I saw around me led me to conclude that staying in would just result in a lifetime of bitter misery and regret. Fortunately, I never got baptised, and this allowed me to have the best possible relationship with family, given my non-participation in the religion.

  • Phil

    My daughter is in Patterson. I suppose being in this enviornment my daughter will never reach that "Magic Moment" in her life. Her hubby is very controlling and by all indications she is not allowed to think for herself, and she ssems to be happy with that. Being "Worldly" is not part of the JW doctrines. Quite the opposite seems to be the norm.

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