A JW's reaction to new BLOOD letter.

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  • lisaBObeesa

    It also made things very clear to each one of us regarding our individual responsibility when it comes to making our own choices on the blood issue. The meeting made it very clear our need to be aware of our options and not expect anyone else to make these decisions other than ourselves.

    So they have done it it seems.

    The JWs now have 'their own choice to make on the blood issue' as well as 'options,' and they will make the dicision themselves.......and they don't know it was ever any different!


    I am amazed how the Org does this! I have been watching carefully for the last 8 years for this change in beliefs of the rank and file JWs to happen, and here it has happened right under my nose. HOW do they do that, without anyone raising an eyebrow?

    They sure are slick.

  • rebel8

    Me too! The JW teaching that you have no choices but all choices are yours is one of the most artfully done brainwashing techniques ever in human history.

  • DannyHaszard
    I know some of you think this is being beaten to death but believe me when we need this information it will be deeply implanted and you then can react automatically and without doubt.

    ......yes,you won't be able to dash home to consult the bound volumes"

    These exact words verbatim came out of the mouth of elder William Bill Darche Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Bridgewater Massachusetts congregation service meeting year 1968

    I was an 11 year old boy who had a demo skit with him on "a youth (me) who is keeping integrity in the coming gog of magog attack"

    The more things change in JW land the more they stay the same-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • wombat

    So it is left up to individual JWs to make their own personal choice on the blood issue.

    Is their a "right" choice and a "wrong" choice?

    Is any choice that a publisher makes acceptable to the WTS?

    Will members be punished because of the choice that they made?

    Forgive me...I don't quite understand. Is the WTS distributing printed information directly to their members regarding "fractions" etc. or do they need to approach an Elder to get this information? Will they give talks on the blood issue to explain it to everyone ?

    It's a bit late to be studying up on fractions and haemogoblin on a bed in Intensive Care after a car accident on your way home from a meeting.

    It appears to me that the letter was written by a lawyer to cover the WTS's miserable butt.

  • DaCheech

    My meeting was a tale of 2 worlds.

    The "spiritual ones" were listening

    the younger ones were talking to each other or just turning left to right looking at others

  • greendawn

    That was a typical brainless JW that is incapable of any critical thinking and sucks everything up like a child, the attitude of the response was one of slavishly obeying the FDS. Those better informed know that their blood policy is one based on whim and not on any biblical understanding.

  • MinisterAmos

    Brainless JW because she knows what will happen to her should she dare to ask "why."

    I think Jesus sent us a pretty good example when he questioned and confronted Judaism. Why JW's can't see that asking questions is condoned by the Bible I just can't understand...

  • DaCheech

    I'm not doing any more proxies and ID cards

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