In Memory of Puternut

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  • Nosferatu

    Oh man...

    Thanks for the bump.

  • IP_SEC

    Ari, man... you were a king among men. Thats not just some patronizing bull shit that you would hate either. This place, this world is poorer now without you. We wont ever forget you. We wont ever let 'them' have a moments peace. 'til next year, good night friend.

  • wanderlustguy
  • oldflame

    Wow ! Did I miss something ? What happened to putternut ? I sure did like his threads and post and will be missed here for sure.

  • FlyingHighNow

    He killed himself.

  • memario

    FHN you forgot a

    Thanks IP-sec for the bump I just now finished reading the links and I'm choked up.


  • Vivamus
  • BlackPearl

    When Lady Liberty and I were dating, Ary was an elder in her hall. What a great gentle soul he was. He was one of those soft spoken very well liked kind of guys. It's a shame, some memories like this are difficult to deal with. I knew that he had died a couple of years back, but even today, it still hurts to see such a great guy pass away.

    It's funny how things never stay the same, life always seems throw an unexpected curve ball.

    We'll miss you Ary.

  • darkuncle29
  • alamb

    Thinking of Ary today and found this thread by accident....

    Your power lives on in us dear friend. You are not forgotten.

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