In Memory of Puternut

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    Ary Spoelstra

    Will you ever know how much you're missed,
    How many lives you touched?
    The heartache that you had to bear,
    The sorrow left behind.

    For in the darkness of the night,
    When all about consumes,
    That nagging doubt and fearful cry,
    A parting that's subsumed.

    For even in the darkest hour,
    The stars quite hid from sight,
    A moment when you sunk so low,
    We were with you, in heart and mind.

    Your heart so pierced and ragged raw,
    The sand beneath your feet,
    Yet even in your lonely hour,
    Your plate was full, replete.

    The drumbeat's call, the artists touch,
    A gen'rous spirit within,
    A rover's heart, the sea, the sun.
    The freedom of the wind.

    Dear Ary, you never failed us then,
    You haven't failed us now.
    Of you we'll think so fondly on,
    Grace be with you, Godspeed.

    LT 2006

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    Thank you Nos

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    Brings tears to my eyes. I'm sorry you had so much pain and we could do nothing to relieve it. Rest in peace Puternut.

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    His posts are painful for me to read. I know just how he felt. The shunning is awful. Your own children start to believe that you're a demon! His wife and mother just dropped him like a piece of trash. That is a burden that's too hard to bear. He's gone. We have got to figure out a way to help each other through those hard times. I wish that there were some sort of magical healing words that we could use to put a stop to the pain of shunning...use it the way that the dub's use it to blind our families. Mind control is a powerful tool.

    How many others have committed suicide because the dub's practice of shunning?

    It so weird. We wouldn't hurt if we didn't love our children or family. How do you turn off love?

  • Nosferatu

    I just posted the following in a Myspace bulletin:

    Tribute to a Cult Victim.

    Ary Spoelstra was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses for 25 years before he was disfellowshipped (ex-communicated) from the religion. According to doctrine, the Jehovah's Witnesses (including family) are instructed to avoid contact with the ex-communicated individual as punishment, and hope that this will move the individual to return to the religion.

    Ary's two teenage daughters, and the rest of his extended family were forbidden to speak to him. He committed suicide in January 2006.

    The Watchtower Society (aka the Jehovah's Witnesses) are a destructive cult which breaks up families like Ary's. Please do your part and warn others of the damage this sect can cause.

    Ary was also a fantastic artist. Please share this message along with his art with your myspace friends:

    Rest in peace, Ary.

  • Narkissos

    Thank you Nos. That was a beautiful idea.

    Here's to you Ary, absent yet so present in the words you wrote then and we read now, over time and death.

  • Hellrider


    If he did it because he was shunned by his family, then shame on them. And shame on the WTS for that stupid rule, and I hope their little internet-spies reads this and tells them.

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