GB led by lawyers?

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  • DannyHaszard
  • greendawn

    That organisation is rotting away from within, being responsible for so much evil it is inevitable that they will at some time decline and fall, the astonishing thing is that they are not capable of changing their old aggressive ways but instead try to uphold them.

  • garybuss

    The organization used to be proactive, confident, and competent.
    Now the organization is reactive, paranoid, and incompetent. It's like the organization thinks they can solve their problems with more information on the same topic, more often. They are so transparent now. They advertise their weaknesses. Subjects are appointment, blood, inactive members, and money. They repeat, recycle, and release another book that recycles and repeats.
    Aren't the Witness people getting sick of this replay religion?

  • sir82
    It's like the organization thinks they can solve their problems with more information on the same topic, more often.

    True dat.

    I remember after the June 2000 WT came out, the one saying "all minor fractions are now acceptable". I was just as confused by the illogic as I am now.

    Shortly thereafter, there was a KM school for elders. One of the talks was on theis very article. As I saw that in the program, I was thinking, "All right! Now they are going to go into more detail on the 'reasoning' used in the article! Perhaps I will finally understand it."

    Know what the talk was?

    A re-reading, word for word, of the exact same Watchtower article reason....we...didn't...get.... it...the...first... time... was.... we...were... too.... stupid.

    And the audience just lapped up this "deep spiritual food."

    Just one in a long string of disappointments, I guess.

  • Poztate
    Their job is to use words to state their case. The lawyer with the better ability to manipulate words is often the winner. Many are not concerned so much with truth but rather with presentation. Plea bargains and reduced charges on both sides of the courtroom minimize the search for truth into a game.

    There is no "justice system" in Canada.There is a legal system.Lawyers get together and play with words.The end result is not always nice or just. The WT is RUN by lawyers now.They find ways to keep going that is to their best advantage.The new blood tort is maybe the best way to fight them.Let some lawyers go head to head and maybe cause the WT some damage at least.The WT will only be brought down one blow at a time. Let the games begin...

  • Think

    Exactly ! Absolutly! Run by Lawyers !

    They my hide, but we all know WHO IS WHO behind the RAPETOWER.

    The proof is in the books they produced over in 100 years history.

    HOW ABOUT: DevilAdvocate? You can run, but you can't HIDE !

  • stillconcerned

    (sniff) (sob)

    what's wrong with lawyers?

  • Think

    DopeTower Talk: KWAK ! KWAK! KWAK ! KWAK ! KWAK ! KWAK ! KWAK ! KWAK ! kWAK ! KWAK !

    How much money we are losing on lawsuits?

    Dear Brothers, we come to conclusion that the end is near!

    WE have to be united an spend more time in FIELD SERVICE.

    Also we need you money,, banks account, insuraces, houses, cars, your weeding diamond ring.

    We have a lot of lawsuits for milions, and milions, and milions.

    Please, we ae BEGGING YOU !!! give us the money !!!

  • hamsterbait

    Do you remember the WT study on rappers in 1993?

    they said rappers wear baggy jeans, gold jewellery and inflatable trainers.

    Yet the photo in the study did not show the SHOES!! Lawsuits from shoe manufactureres did that one.

    A young pio Sis whispered to me: "I thought tight jeans were wrong."

    She wore loose ones until she got pregnant and DF...

    Go figure...


  • DavidChristopher

    But I don't have any!

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