GB led by lawyers?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If all of the men on the GB were born into or raised within the WTS walls, it can pretty much means they have been insulated from the real world. Other than the lawyers (who else would have a lot of experience living in the real world?) Who else would be directing what gets printed or not?

    The GB is mostly composed of old men who have spent the last 30-40 or more years secluded from the real problems of the world. They depend on the media to get their information about the real world. As most people know the media focusses mainly on the bad things. And because they rely on the media for their beliefs about how bad things are, they wind up with a really biased view of how bad things are.

    R. Franz tried to tell them years ago they had to make some changes. Not only did they not listen, they booted him out. What other GB member would want to get booted out for changing beliefs or even suggesting them? They know what happens - even if you are anointed. Who would take the chance?

    R. Franz stated that many of the men are honest hearted people who really believe what they are supposed to be doing. I suspect most of those are dead or so old that they are nothing more than figureheads now. With no new "scholars" on the team who would even try to bring in new light unless it was a cover-up light?

    With lawsuits coming at them from all sides now, it wouldn't surprise me at all that a lot of the printed info goes through the lawyers.before it goes to the printer.

    The WTS had been in defense mode for a long time now. Weeding out the worst of their mistakes has been a trademark of the WTS for decades. When they could control the information they were able to hide the mistakes. But they can no longer control the information. WTObserver and Quotes websites were telling the world about the mistakes the WTS was trying so hard to hide. Other websites are very effective in obtaining the changes and making them known to anyone who can click a mouse and read. It isn't surprising that the WTS lawyers and GB would want them closed. The changes have been well documented and placed on the internet for all to see. That alone makes the WTS vulnerable. Covering up the past is no longer an easy reprint job.

    A defensive posture is never the position of strength. Not knowing which side will be attacked next they have to be on guard for all possibilities. And that means the lawyers have to be on the alert from any danger.

    What does the GB do these days?

  • blondie

    At the elders school one back, if the elders had an abuse case, they were to




    (not the Governing Body)


  • wombat

    Lady Lee....You give me hope.

    I am trying to se the big picture.

    For the first time in 120 plus years the WTS have no end-time date to encourage their members.

    They are totally confused on the blood issue.

    Their "God of True Prophesy" never saw the advent of the internet.

    I appreciate your explanation of how they really need the advice of lawyers now. The BIG NEWS has the possibility of creating a flood of huge law suits.

    They are devoid of young blood in the organization. All they have left now is old men and lawyers.


  • sir82

    Is there any concept more frightening than a religion run by committees of lawyers?

  • blondie

    Weren't the Pharisees lawyers? Hmmm.

  • FairMind
    Weren't the Pharisees lawyers?

    This helps to explain the pharisaical attitude of the WTS' leadership.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Is there any concept more frightening than a religion run by committees of lawyers?

    My opinion of most lawyers is this:

    Their job is to use words to state their case. The lawyer with the better ability to manipulate words is often the winner. Many are not concerned so much with truth but rather with presentation. Plea bargains and reduced charges on both sides of the courtroom minimize the search for truth into a game.

    Put a bunch of lawyers together with religion zealots - yup that's a pretty nasty combination.

  • truth_about_the_truth

    James McCabe, San Diego attorney seems to be a recurring name. Somehow it appears to me that he is pulling the GB strings.

  • Sentient

    The GB is the antitypical Sanhedrin. Controlling masses of people is a science and a strange art, similar to convincing yourself of something you know is probably not true and then convincing a jury of the same thing. Only securing the total devotion of millions of people requires a lot more sustained effort than a typical court case.
    What is amazing is how outspoken they are in their criticism of the Pharisees!

  • coffee_black

    I've thought this to be the case for some time now.

    They want to protect the money at all costs...


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