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  • Honesty

    That must be why the Watchtower Society bought Bob Hope's California mansion in 1974!!!

    They were getting it ready for all the faithful men of old who were about to return to earth in cloned bodies.

    I was so wrong to even think for a second that the Governing Body is evil and up to no good.

    I must get right on the phone and call the elders in my old congregation and ask for their forgiveness so I can get back in good standing.

  • deeskis

    Hi LT, Yup it stinks.

    Ozzie and Wombat, well Barnsey is a Scots Aussie too ya know!, plus I was out singing tonight at our local woodfire pizza muso jamming night, got back on a high and can't sleep yet........

    what's your excuse.!


  • wombat

    I'd like to say that I am researching something of great import for my thesis. But my darling 88 year old Mum needs a hand to the john every hour or so.

  • ric


    Im new to this board, but could not help to agree with you. They have more money comming in than some 3rd world country's,Buying land, selling mortgages to every KH built in the world with interest, coutributions up the yingyang all of not to mention are tax free(religious church state thing) and lets not even go to the money laundry mat they call the watchtower "farm" how you could ever find and follow a paper trail thru there is beyond even the Mob.

    I wonder if they would ever say hey we were wrong about dis/fel those people now that we know better or how could we give back those peoples live's we destroyed, Gays, adultury, speeding tickets or what ever other things they consider a gross sin.

    I have 2 members of my family who are JW's. I think you cannot even begin to feal the pain till you live thru being DF'and seeing first hand the sick cult that they are. Not having anything to do with you and forgetting all you've done for them thru the years, Its a sickness.

    Funny, christ sat with sinners and prostitutes and even died for them but i cant get a cup of coffee from my mom...Thats real agape love.........Just my 2 cents

  • DannyBloem


    I agree with your sentiment that individual members may not be crooked or "bad". I just finished reading Ray Franz COC, and he also said some similar things in their individual defence......

    yes reading COC I got that feeling too.


    As a group that is supposed to be Gods channel, or intermediary I think that they do not have the human characteristic of being allowed to make mistakes.

    Well, yeah. But then again there lies the whole problem of the situation. They are of course not Gods channel, and telling too much about their mistakes would simple mean that they would acknowledge that. So they have to cover up.

    to describe the UN debacle as being a stupid mistake is on a par with describing Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a "July 4th firecracker"

    Not really. First of all, it is not a big thing. They just try to make use of everything possible. They make use of legal things, use of the big business world also condemned. The whole issue is the cover up, but then they have to.

    They misled, covered up, caused countless distress to many people, and they cannot and should not be trusted again.........

    yes the should not be trusted.Nobody who puts themself in the place of God should be trusted.
    I really think that they think to have the best intessest for their members

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    like the UN thing. Just a stupid mistake probably. A lot to loose, little to win for them. So with most other things.

    The worry about exact interpretation of the scriptures, who they believe very firmly, but they have more questions then answers. They are unsecure and try to hide that, because it will not be a neat example if the leaders are not very sure about this stuff too. They are affriad of publishing new light or new information on subjects and are worried about the descrease of the expansion.

    basically they aren't very well trained/educated people, the organisation that they lead has grown way to big for them to really handle. They are advised from all angles, with different views about legal and non legal stuff. They will follow accept some of those, without seeing the concequences (like bulgaria blood issue etc).

    They have very few personal gain.

    that is why I think the best word to descripe them is unprofessional

    No, the UN thing was NOT just a mistake. Too much proof in their publications.

    PLUS, they don't ask questions in their publications about their beliefs........NOR do they accept answers from anyone foolish enough to present them with answers.

    They're NOT afraid of publishing new light, because they do it consistently.

    Their gain is POWER and they LOVE the power they've established over their minions.

    The best word to describe them is HYPOCRITES.


  • DannyBloem

    Sir 82,

    also think that another significant part of their problem is that, at least until recently, they thoroughly and sincerely believed their own hype. They honestly thought Armageddon was going to come "just a few years from now". So, there were no long term plans, no infrastructure, no heritage to pass on to future generations. Why plan for the future of the organization, if you honestly believe Armageddon is coming "very soon now"? Why take care of your current youth, or encourage them to think long-term, if you believe none of them will ever "grow old in this system of things"?

    I think that is exactly the problem. I think they still think that they are right, that armageddon will come soon.

    Now, 11 years beyond the abandonment of the "1914 generation", and 13 after the death of their last spiritual "oracle", they are a quasi-religion / publishing house run by committee, afraid to make any signifcant change, and utterly incapable of planning for the future. To do so would be to admit they were wrong, something that has never happened in 125+ years.

    Well, they admitted some things. If it is long enough ago, and the isssue isn't very important any more etc.
    The do not admit because they do not want to make anyone stumble. The same that elders or publishers get as reason when doing some things. They apply that to themselves too. (and they think doing a good deed with it).

    Some probably have seconds thoughts or doubts, but to admit that to the other members of the GB....

  • deeskis

    Hi Danny

    Not really. First of all, it is not a big thing. They just try to make use of everything possible. They make use of legal things, use of the big business world also condemned. The whole issue is the cover up, but then they have to

    Sure the cover up stinks.....but why did they feel that they had to cover it up?..

    come on.......they lay with the beast.

  • sir82
    the Org. has always planned for the future. They probably have a 5 or 10 year purchasing/building/expansion plan right now!

    I should have made m comments clearer. Of course, the org. has always planned its own future. What's the saying, the first priority of any organization or bureaucracy is its own self-perpetuation? Business-wise, as a publishing house, they plan as well as any billion-dollar corporation.

    What they failed to do was plan for the future in its leadership role, as the religious leaders that millions look to for guidance. Other churches groom leaders from within, have education programs, recreation programs, counseling programs. The idea is, "we're going to be here for centuries, milleniums, so let's have a foundation to build on for future generations".

    The WT is not like that. They have never made any plans for any future generation of JWs. The end is coming soon, so don't even bother to have children! Their idea of counseling is "read the Bible". Their idea of education is, "the Theocratic Ministry school". Their idea of recreation is, "Study the Watchtower together". Their idea of cultivating leadership is, "Joe Blow is getting 10 hours a month in service and comments at the meetings, so let's make him an MS / elder".

    Now that people are beginning to get disillusioned, now that they see (at least subconsciously) that Armageddon isn't coming soon, what happens? Elders quit or are pushed out, and there are few young people who can be bothered to take an interest in "reaching out" for "spiritual privileges".

    If they don't collapse beforehand, in about 15-20 years, there is going to be a serious leadership deficiency at the local level, as curent elders age & die off, and there are no "good" replacements for them.

  • DannyBloem
    Sure the cover up stinks.....but why did they feel that they had to cover it up?..

    come on.......they lay with the beast.

    Well probably they did not realize what they are doing, just a mistake. They can not tell "Hallo everyone, we slept with the beast". Then more people would elave. They think it is in our interest not to tell.

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