Which avatars are your favorites?

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  • Crumpet

    I think candidlynuts is one of the most memorable and minimus and blondie. Really distinctive - to the point I now see those images when I think of those people...

    The problem is some of the avatars are soooo teensy so we dont really notice what is in them - like the cute nurse and the man holding a pig - I didn;t know what they were - but then I might need my eyes testing so I won't rule that out.

    The strongest are ones with a single close up image and they tend to stick in the mind.

    JHRat is another one that I remember well! LOL

  • Mary

    I love these two.....these guys made me laugh my headoff.

  • Leolaia

    Here are some unforgettable ones from times past:

    BillygoatSironaundercoverJHstillajwexelderbebu dhwhyamihere

    BrendaCoultierMerry MagdaleneMidget-Sasquatchthe_classicistFreedom FrogRichie Rich

    The most recent one to really make me laugh was WAC's with his love doll. He should really download the Roxy Music song "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" if he hasn't already.

    Open plan living
    Bungalow ranch style
    All of it’s comforts
    Seem so essential
    I bought you mail order
    My plain wrapper baby
    Your skin is like vinyl
    The perfect companion
    You float my new pool
    Deluxe and delightful
    Inflatable doll
    My role is to serve you
    Disposable darling
    Can't throw you away now
    Immortal and life size
    My breath is inside you
    I'll dress you up daily
    And keep you till death sighs
    Inflatable doll

    Lover ungrateful
    I blew up your body
    But you blew my mind

  • J-ex-W

    I can't believe no one said 'averyniceguy'!! (unless I missed it) That was my favorite the first day I was on this board, and it's still my favorite!

    Edit: Yeah, I just now saw where somebody said this one. Oh, well...it bears repeating!

  • KW13

    Crumpets new one..i am biased since i made it although she is only using for 2 days or so

    Yes that is a crumpet in the desert...photoshopped to look like a cartoon crumpet in the desert...genius

  • juni

    I love averyniceguy's smiling monkey. Makes me smile every time.

    Ah.....forgot Doc Slugga Mary!! And Gumby (i'm part of his harem for goodness sake) and Uncle Bruce (that Aussie hunk).

    So many new ones here now. And a lot of the "oldies" but goodies are still posting too.


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