Watchtower Society Losing the Information War. What Will Sink the Last Nail

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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    With the proliferation of blogs and forums like this one, ex-JWs writing books and protesting, lawsuits, exposure of abuse, pedophilia, and mind control, what more needs to be done to sink this cult and kill it? Do the ex-Jehovah's Witness have enough momentum to destroy any remaining credibility the Watchtower Society has, or perhaps, bankrupt it?

  • minimus

    The Illuminati.

  • metatron

    Realistically, sites like this one have a limited effect because most Witnesses are obedient zombies who gave up reasoning

    ability years ago. The biggest threat to the Society is the lack of cash flow. If anything will wreck them , it's that.


  • Elsewhere
    Realistically, sites like this one have a limited effect because most Witnesses are obedient zombies who gave up reasoning ability years ago.

    I have to disagree. We my not "reach" many JWs, but we and all of the other anti-JW websites most certainly prevent many people from ever joining the religion to being with.

    We are the vaccination that prevents the Watchtower Society from gaining new members.

  • Saoirse

    The problem is that you have so many Witnesses that close their eyes to the world around them. They don't go on the internet or read the newspaper. Today's article about the Bay point sex predator being released quoted two friends of the offender as saying, " they don't read newspapers much". These morons have a young child yet they are unwilling to do research to see if a friend of theirs is a potential danger to their child! If they care so little about their child do you really think that they would care about the history of their religion?

    You could haul the Governing Body out in handcuffs and there would still be people out there that would want to remain devout Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • skyman

    It does have a great effect. I brought only one original study to the Borg. I have been responsible for bring out eight different JW out and many many more that are slowing down and will soon be out. Why because of this site I do not go to any other posting site.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Kudos to you for doing something great. Many ex-JWs become complacent about exposing what they know is wrong. Keep up the great work.

  • Emma

    I'd be interested to know how big a threat people on the "inside" feel the internet is. Are the elders and on up the hierarchy worried? With all the warnings, I'd think they were worried. Do regular pub's feel the threat?

  • Sentient

    Yes, they do feel the threat Emma, anywhere that internet access is widespread. I have heard here locally just recently about comments from older publishers who were sharing experiences about those they personally knew who had left the "truth" after "reading apostate sites". Their ignorance is astounding in its magnitude.

  • Think

    They are one big LIE. What they are doing, is proof that they are on the patch to selfdestruction. LIE is a NOTHING, so they follow the patch to the BLACK HOLE. They are digging their own GRAVE.

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