Found some older WTS publications!

by cyberdyne systems 101 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • aquagirl

    Sell em on ebay..For some reason,jw stuff is hot hot hot!!!!

  • rebel8

    Yeah, then you can count your time and placements too.

  • outoftheorg

    My wife and I go to the salvation army and other charitable stores and she looks for antiques and I look for OLD tools and radio transcievers.

    I came across a Let God Be True book copyright 1946 revised 1952. Any one know anything about it or what it may bring on Ebay??

    At one time I came across that Little Red book put out by Charley Russel. It had pictures in it and all and was in very good shape. Then I read on the internet where it was worth some money.

    I had been df'd before and really angry at the jw's, so I didn't buy it. Decided to go back and buy it and some one had beat to it. Damn I wish I had it now.

    I find a lot of the jw books but not many really old ones.

    What do you think that LET GOD BE TRUE book is worth??


  • outoftheorg
  • noneofurbiznis

    I'll bet my grandpa has alot of the old stuff. Hmm, have to take a trip to grandpa's & take a looksey in his library.

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