Stomach This! Bethel Lecture. You will not find this in WTLIB!!!

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  • anewme

    It is pretty obvious that the ignorant/arrogant fools in charge of writing these talks are manipulating the scriptures to their own ends. It is unhealthy to listen to it. After a while one could be brainwashed into thinking and doing anything the Society wishes.

    The Watchtower Society did not always condone talks like that. Im sure I would have choked hearing so much back patting years ago when I was first introduced to it.

    Its so sad. I have wonderful friends and family who are so trapped in this society that seems to be getting weirder and weirder. They are people on the edge of sanity putting their own lives on hold to give worship to the FDS or governing body as Gods self appointed spokesperson.

  • SPAZnik

    hmmm, no actual scriptures talking about the voice of the faithful and discreet slave. what a coinkydink.

  • Hellrider


    These were sent through the internal bethel computer network for awhile until the GB gave a warning about not posting these on web sites. Notes were still taken but this time if you wanted one you had to ask for a printed copy. What difference does that make? We got scanners, PDFing, and OCRing. :-)

    Are you also a Bethelite? Or were you there sometime in the past?

    I can`t believe how many ex-Bethelites there are on this board (and at least one current). Seems like everyone who spends some time there goes "apostate" in the end, lol. It must really suck to be there. Maybe they should do something for their employes up there, so they won`t all become disillusioned and angry. At least a dental plan and health insurance, and some better pay, perhaps. God knows they can afford it.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    All I can say is... Wow! How straightforward do they get with these Bethelites! It's amazing how people can get caught up with things and start to throw reason out the window.
    Of course, none of this is on the "offical" record. Does anybody know of any Bethelites on the inside leaking information? I would love to hear a recording of one of these "pep" talks. Just curious.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    By the way, where in the Bible does it say the "Jehovah has positioned the slave"? Isn't this going beyond scripture?

  • minimus

    How come the "slave" is always wrong, huh??

  • sf

    Then there are the Voices of Danny Haszard, Randy Watters and Barb Anderson. {sKally 1:1}

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I spent many years at Bethel. But when you are in there, at least for me, it was the best thing in the world. But then reality hit me upside the head when I gave myself permission to examine the WTBTS history - CoC, JWD, etc. So I am here in my new home. I got a better lecture about the Society "not" being a coorportion but I can't post another topic for 20 hours :-(

  • Woodsman

    I'm ready.

  • Honesty
    These and other notes are personal notes that bethel family members took. They are almost verbatim, I know cause I was there. I got another one that is better ;-)
    PM me and I will host the documents for you so they can be posted here.

    You must think we're gluttons for punishment, Else.

    I got sick after the first paragraph. One of the neighbors called 911 when I got to the BIG SCRIPT.

    No wonder S(heep) HERD(er) is on the Governing Body with the load of BS he's full of.

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