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    To all the gluttons for punishment. (THESE AND ALL WILL BE SENT TO ELSEWHERE...eventually for further punishment of the Order of Full Time JWD's. I could not wait to start a new until then enjoy.

    Personnel Committee Symposium

    Preserve the Spirit of the Bethel Family -
    G. Losch

    Every family has its own spirit. As the Gilead instructors know, each class has its own spirit and so does each congregation. Paul spoke to the Corinthians about preserving the spirit of the congregation "in order that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord." (1 Cor. 5:5) The Headquarter family displays its own spirit. Attitude as defined in the Webster dictionary is a state of mind or feeling, disposition. (Volume 2 of the Insight - pages 1026-7) "Ru'ach and pneu'ma are both used to designate the force that causes a person to display a certain attitude, disposition, or emotion… As applying to a group of persons, it is the dominant force activating them." The Bethel family displays joy, zeal, loyalty, obedience, and appreciation. They enjoy close association with older ones, they show personal interest in one another, have love for the truth, possess the spirit of self-sacrifice, and they are supportive of any direction the Governing Body gives. We commend you for such a spirit. (Ps. 110:3, Isaiah 6:8) "Thank you for being here, for each year you stay, we love you more." Experience in the Watchtower: A brother said that his son wanted to see the world so he served as a merchant marine. While in NY he visited Bethel. He saw the men and women from the factory walking to go to the meal. He saw how busy and happy they are. He observed their spirit. He changed his job and is now a ministerial servant in his father's congregation. On January 6, 1999, a letter of appreciation was received saying that while visiting Bethel on a Saturday, the ones they saw were in dignified and respectful dress. The brothers dressed in suits showed respect to our grand Creator. We serve for the praise of His glory. This is the purpose of the Bethel family. (Eph. 1:12) The worldwide Bethel family brings glory to Jehovah. (Eph. 3:21) Treasure the good spirit of the Bethel family. Be preserved in a blameless manner. (1 Thes. 5:23) The spirit of the world is like pollution. The spirit of the world needs to be resisted. (Eph 6:13) We received the spirit of God, not the world. The spirit of the word can affect our attitude, our joy. The Bethel family displays an excellent spirit. However, some display a worldly and corporate attitude. This corporate attitude affects a few, and has not spread to others. However, it is the responsibility of all to be careful we are not influence by the corporate attitude. But isn't Bethel a "non-profit corporation"? Bethel does not endorse a corporate attitude. For instance, the Bible does speak of "manager " yet Luke 12:42 refers to a house manager (Gr., oi•ko•no'mos) not in the sense of how a worldly manager or management operates. How can such an attitude enter? It comes from reading many worldly journals, from the Internet, adopting theories, it is conveyed through brothers who own or do business in the world and when we adopt their views. Can it come from computer programs like SAP? No. Although the program is made with certain terminology and operations - these can be adjusted to meet our needs.

    What is it this attitude? How can it be identified and avoided?

    The corporate spirit is:
    1. …democratic - It delays work from being accomplished because the overseer is afraid to make a decision on his own. A group consensus is sought, so he does not take the blame.
    2. …not showing consideration for older ones. Putting efficiency ahead of compassion. In the world, those who are unemployed and in their 40s and 50s have a hard time finding a job. Some are fired before the are due to receive their pension. Work is given to young people. The Governing Body shows consideration for older ones. "We treasure" older ones and "value your experiences. You contribute to the spiritual stability". (WELL I'LL BE DAMMED!)
    3. …creating artificial work when there is not enough work for everyone to do. Creating excessive and detailed manuals take away the dignity of the worker. It says that they are not able to do the work without detailed instructions, although there are some who may need such details. It does not admit that there are too many people in the department.
    4. …seen when there is insufficient personal interest taken in one another. When someone withdraws into his own office, he is avoiding personal contact. The one who says: "Send me an e-mail." is avoiding eye contact. (Phil. 2:4) Would a father whose son wanted to speak to him say, "Send me an e-mail."
    5. …overdoing. Controlling production and productivity (I'LL BE DAMMED AGAIN!). This creates anxiety in the volunteers. The volunteer is afraid of not meeting the overseer's expectations. He becomes afraid of losing his assignment or afraid that he may be asked to leave Bethel.
    6. …the competitive spirit, outshining others. If the overseer promotes competition between crews to promote higher productivity, this is worldly. Gal. 5:26 says not to be stirring up competition.
    7. …careless spending of funds. The attitude is to always have more than enough. Micah 6:8 says to "walk modestly". It is easy to spend money not yours. Be reasonable, do not have grandiose ideas. Request only what you need. Do not squander money.
    8. …philosophical method to motivate workers into greater performance. Popular psychology, human philosophy, this is selfishness and causes frustrations.
    9. …jargons. The Bethel family has within the past six months improved in this area of not using jargons. (1 Cor. 2:13). Reflect - what is the attitude behind these words and expressions?
    10. …reflected in manner in which we speak to each other. Do not have a gruff, harsh voice when speaking to others. An efficient business voice is worldly. It should be warm, friendly, and instill affection in others. Eph. 5:31. The world lacks fellow feeling.

    Although Bethel may take advantage of certain things used in the world to do our work, we do not adopt their attitude. Computer programs are just a tool. We may replace it or we may choose to keep it. Your joy doesn't depend on this tool. A spiritual man is not concerned with his personal preference, but love, joy, and peace. He is not overly affected by where and what type of work he does. He looks at it from a spiritual viewpoint. He promotes and preserves the fine spirituality of the Bethel family. Grow spiritually, pray, and associate with older ones. The family has a wonderful spirit.


  • What-A-Coincidence

    BTTT - Part of another lecture right above ...

    Talk given by Gerritt Losch of the Governing Body

    "Bethel does not endorse a corporate attitude"

    "What is it this attitude, and how can it be identified and avoided?"

    The corporate spirit is:

    2. not showing consideration for older ones. Putting efficiency ahead of compassion; In the world, those who are unemployed and in their 40s and 50s have a hard time finding a job; Some are fired before the are due to receive their pension; Work is given to young people; The Governing Body shows consideration for older ones; "We treasure" older ones and "value your experiences. ; You contribute to the spiritual stability".

    Hmm. Does not this remind you of that sister who got injured at Bethel???

    wac out

  • sir82
    "We treasure" older ones and "value your experiences

    Until you are unable to perform any profitable "duties", such as when you suffer from a chronic illness.

    If you happen to have enough seniority, like 50-60 years, there might be a bed in the infirmary for you.

    But if you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and you (or your spouse) contracts lupus, or cancer, or MS, etc., and becomes a medical liability, whoosh-out-the-door you go.

  • LDH

    I'll be back, I have a strange urge to pass a massive crap.

  • VM44

    It would appear that G. Losch is concerned about the atmosphere at Bethel becoming too impersonal.

    However, some of the things he says are strange, like when he asks , "What is the motive for using jargon?" I would answer, "So as to be able to talk about specialized subjects". And, concerning the use of jargon, what was the motive in Lorsch using the acronym SAP? Was it kind of him to use that jargon word?


  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    Did he ever say what we're supposed to do when the voice of Jehovah and the voice of his "appointed slave" say different things? :-)

    Thanks for this!


    Excellent point~!

  • serendipity

    Most of this list seems to be the techniques JWs and the WTS use. I wonder if his audience experienced massive cognitive dissonance overload?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I guess for most of us Bethelites ... we were in awe whenever a GB member spoke. It was as if whatever they said was law, if not it would be law. Funny thing, at Bethel, and for a time, a GB would go over the Bethel Family Watchtower Study, that is about the time most bethelites attend even though NEVER was anything specatucular ever said. Same ol same ol - read the parrgraph, ask a question, get a read answer, bor bor bor, snooze snooze snooze, I got my best naps that way. How about you Trojan?

    We were like, por dubs on the outside, they don't know what they are missing. Well dubs, stick with WAC and others, we will show you what you are not missing.

    WAC - Serving as a fader in local congregation.

    Special Thanks to Ray Franz and others.

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