Fate or Coincidence

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  • deeskis

    Hi everyone

    I was wondering if others have experienced the strange pull of JW'ism in their life. I know that it is a minority religion and yet I seem to come across it so much. consider some examples of this:

    To set the scene elder dad resigned, the family mum and five kids stopped attending meetings for six months then moved to australia.

    1. within a few weeks my young sister now at school in Oz had to visit the school nurse who ended up being a JW who knew my dad previously in the old country. So we were invited to their place for a BBQ and of course to the local meeting......I passed!

    2. My dad went for a job interview and at the interview the employer said that he valued christian principles in his employees, and that in fact his wife was one of Jehovah's Witness's. My dad was blown away........."it's a sign, and started attending meetings with my mum again.

    3. My husband and I moved to a small town 2 hours away. five thousand people. a contact through his work offered to babysit for us. She turned out to be a JW, ended up like a surrogate gran to my kids.

    4. We bought land and built next door to a teacher at my kids school who's mother is a JW.

    5. JW's live four houses away on the other side.

    6. my husband and I became good friends with a family, I had met the woman through a mothers group. Her parents are JW's.

    7. My son's best friend's mother is a twin. The twin and her family are JW's.

    Whaddya reckon?? I once mentioned this to a woman I know who is into chanelling, personal angel guides etc. She said that I was putting out some sort of aura attracting witness's and those related to them.

    anyone else got a theory, or had similar experiences.

    Best wishes


  • Calliope

    that looks like an impressive list... but it all looks very "coincidental" to me.

    i.e. this girl i work with, her mother's best friend used to date a guy who's dentist was a witness.

    hmmm. yep, coincidence.

  • TallTexan

    What it shows me is that it's sad JW-dom has plagued the lives of so many. I think it's coincidence, but in the minds of JW's it would be 'Jehovah's spirit' trying to pull you back into the fire....

  • misspeaches

    I don't know Deeksis this weird sort of stuff happens sometimes hey.

    Just last week BlissIsIgnorance was telling me of about 5 different encounters with the witnesses in the space of a week. And she hardly ever runs into them mind you...

    I once mentioned this to a woman I know who is into chanelling, personal angel guides etc.; She said that I was putting out some sort of aura attracting witness's and those related to them.
    I don't really know anything about this sort of stuff but I'm sure somebody here does. Perhaps they could explain how this happens?
  • Think

    A man was a catholic, but because pedofile scandals, he quits religion.

    He moves to Toronto. In job interview, he notice pop picture on the wall.

    He gives up. He go to another Firm. Get the job. In chat with employees, he sees that most of them are catholicks. He quits. He moves to vacouver. In MCdonalds line for lunch, he start talk with a person. This Guy ask him, If he ever was in Vatican. He sees a omen, and run for lunch to Wendys.... and so on..

  • AlmostAtheist

    Catholics are alot more common than JW's, so it might seem more freaky to find them "everywhere", than to find Catholics everywhere.

    I'd still say you're describing coincidences, though.

    I don't know the stats for Australia, but in the USA there is a JW for every 300 citizens. Among adult citizens, it's even thicker. So the sort of connections you describe wouldn't be too hard to find. For instance, you mentioned that your child's teacher's mother was a JW. But it could have been the teacher's father, brother, sister, cousin, best friend, etc. There are tons of ways the teacher could have been connected to JW's. And since they are a fringe group -- unique, unusual -- it's the sort of thing that sticks out in people's minds. Maybe the teacher's uncle is a jazz musician, but it isn't a point of connection so it wasn't brought up.

    Once you step a few people away, it's not hard to find connections to nearly anything, even unusual things like JW's.


  • greendawn

    It may be a coincidence or satan trying to get you back into that high pressure, high control cult. So don't be fooled.

  • ozziepost

    I wouldn't put too much into it - I'm sure that if you asked many in the community if they knew a Dub, they'd tell you they did through a friend or relative.

    I'm curious as to why they'd want to make known they were dubs? It must have been in the conversation perhaps?

  • LittleToe

    The fields are white for harvesting - go preach to them

  • mrsjones5

    Kinda sounds like what me and my husband had going on before we even met:

    1. Husband met a close cousin, her husband, and her mother (my blood aunt) a couple of years before he met me. Met them in Fresno when I lived in Oakland, California.

    2. Husband knew and dated a lady who was the Admin at a job I interned at when I went back to design school.

    3. This is the same Admin who was with me when I met the boyfriend who eventually introduced me to my husband.

    4. We worked in the same city and I went to design school just mere blocks from where he worked.

    5. We went to the same dance club, but we didnt meet there and never saw each other.

    6. We were set up to meet by an exboyfriend of mine who to this day regrets that he did so insisting that that wasnt his motive for having us meet.


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