Fate or Coincidence

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  • deeskis

    Thanks everyone for replying.

    Hey Josie, I reckon it was meant to be, hope you're still together. By the way, where do the dubs come in, in that scenario?

    Ozzie, the school nurse was scottish, saw my sisters sirname and asked who her father was.....

    the employer commented at the job interview that he valued christian principles in employees, in fact his wife........etc.

    the babysitter......she looked after my first baby a few times, born in may. I probably left the baby first when she was around four months old, september, another time I needed a sitter would have been closer to Christmas and I think I asked her about her families plans for the festive season, I can still remember my surprise (shock, horror) when she told me they did not celebrate as they were witnesses!! It was her that told me that there were other witnesses living a few doors up from us.

    My friend in the mothers' group was raised a witness, the group was making christmas cards one morning. which resulted in a christmas type conversation. that's when I found out about her background.

    My neighbour, (children's teacher), was over for coffee one day and whinging about how her mother was neglecting her and her kids as she devoted so much time to the Jay Dubs, they had taken over her life...I nearly choked on my coffee!!

    My son's best friend spends most weekends at our place, his father committed suicide a few years back. (they're 14 now). His mother was talking with me about how that had affected the family dynamics. Her sister being a twin is very close to her, and the boy spends a significant amount of time with his aunt and cousins (witness's), they have been to my house on a number of occasions to drop him off, or collect him.....

    so they examples I gave are not "seven degrees of separation" - (btw I loved that movie!), not somebody's auntie, who knew somebodies cousin, who was a JW. They are all people directly involved in my "daily grind"

    To be fair, the instances have happened over a 20 year period, but I still feel that there is a significant WOW factor..........?!

    has anyone an angle on the "aura" suggestion that my other friend, (to be fair, she was not really a friend, but an aquaintance, as I knew she attended a spiritualist church and I was a bit freaked about that!), mentioned to me? cause if there's something I can do to change that aura, I'd like to know..........!!

    best wishes


  • Satanus

    It could be just fluke. Or, it could be the subconscious attraction. To me, it seems that we are all subconscioussly connected. We have encounters w people w whom we subconscioussly want to interact. These interactions can be positive or negative, but they help us to go where we want to go, do the things we subconscioussly want to do.

    That goes along w the aura theory. If you wanna change it, you need to discover what you have in your subconscious. The way to do that is to learn to meditate and do it regularly. When you see what is there, you can see the whys and wherefores, and decide if you wanna, or can change it. This process can take yrs.


  • Icansaylucky

    I have a two rentals, I was interviewing the woman and told her we didn't allow smoking. She dilligently informed me that they were Jehovah Witnesses and they didn't smoke. I told her that I didn't want someone that was only going to stay for a few months and then move because it was a pain to interview renters and start all over again. She assured me that she would stay probably at least a year because her and her husband wanted to devote there lives to doing the ministry and our rent was reasonable and they didn't want any material things holding them down. She said she would be willing to sign a 6 month lease to prove her sincerity. 4 months later she calls to say they are moving because they want a bigger place, I remind her that she has signed a 6 month lease. She says I don't remember signing it, I tell her that I have it sitting right in front of me and she did indeed sign it. She says well I didn't know what I was signing. The fact that it says lease agreement on the top wasn't clear enough and the fact that she's the one thats suggested a lease when normally we did month to month rentals didn't matter. She then tells us she is moving out early and we tell her she will owe the rent regardless of whether she is living there or not. She agrees, moves out and writes me a hot check. We call her on it and she said the bank had an electronic glich, I call the bank and they said the only glich was that there wasn't any money in the acct. Now she refuses to pay us because she has new rent to pay and has lied to us on several occassions. We also rented to her young 19 year old daughter and her 19 year old husband, typical Witness age for getting married. We have another rental and before we knew what a nightmare her mother was we thought they would be good tennants. They lived liked complete pigs, it was so filthy I was shocked. I now have mice in the rental due to their filthyness. I've turned the mother's check into the District Attorney's. When we told her that we were doing that, her sister called us and quoted us scriptures about being meek and mild at heart. I'm sure she was meek and mild while she was writing me the bad check. Coincidence or lesson learned. Witnesses are no different and possibly less honest than the average worldly person. Don't read too much into these coincidences, I would call it more bad luck than anything.

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