Do you have a pet next to you?

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  • moshe

    I am relaxing in my Lay-z-boy recliner, online with a laptop. Our dog , Sparky, is lying right next to me. He is a 12lb silky terrier- he looks like an overgrown Yorkie . We got him as a puppy for our 6 year old daughter a year ago. Since I am home 24/7 right now he has been my pal a lot. I even take him for visits to a nursing home. The residents love giving him a hug and getting a lick back from him. How about you, what kind of pet do you have?



  • Highlander

    4 pet rats, though none of them are sitting with me at the moment. As it is daytime, they are sleeping in their cages for now. I'll let them out to play later this evening.

  • calico

    I have 3 cats and if they are not sitting on me, they are usually in the same room with me!

  • Super_Becka

    Does a picture count?? I have a picture of my guinea pig, Cookie, next to my computer. Sadly, I don't have her anymore, she died last January just after I went back to university after Christmas, I was heartbroken. I used to love to cuddle with her and watch some TV, or just play with her, and give her lots of treats, she was very spoiled and very cuddly and adorable and she just loved to be played with and petted, she loved attention. Everyone just loved her, she was very sweet and very loveable, and now we all miss her very bad.

    I have lots of pictures of her, though, so she's always here with me. I love you, Cookie!!

    -Becka :)

  • z

    this is my sweet cute love hin Hershey



  • z


    just 1 more lol

  • Effervescent

    I have four cats, needless to say I can't make a lap without a kitty jumping in it.

    We also have a Chesapeake and a Whiteface Cockatiel, and probably after this summer will have bunnies and chickens. It'll be a zoo around here before too long.

  • moshe

    Hey, Z- looks like Hershey has it made!

    Here is Sparky - born in Missouri with our 6 yr old daughter, Katya- born in Ekaterinburg ,Russia.
    drat- my picture link is not working today- Next time!

  • Honesty

    4 cats

    1 Mommy chihuahua and 5 month old squealers

  • Country_Woman

    Daisy- Siberian Husky, under my desk:

    Misty - her daughter - at the door in my office:

    Normally, they both are were I am.

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