Raymond Franz

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  • KW13

    I honestly didn't realise it was so mainstream and that it was doing such a good job!

    Well you all keep reading then

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I am so glad Ray decided to publish his books. His insight into the material is far beyond what any of us could have ever seen, heard, or expieranced. Crisis of Conscience got me started, In Search of Christian Freedom is possibly the best book I have ever read (and may possibly ever read). What I love about the books is that after you are done with them you realize that it's now up to YOU to decide what to believe and stop letting others rule that authority over you.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Does anyone know how I could send him a letter and thank him??????

  • KW13

    Thats a really nice idea, i would check the book for publisher details and see if you can get some details through them...an idea...

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    you could try and email commentary press. The email is on the website: www.CommentaryPress.com

  • jaffacake

    KW13 Hi & welcome

    I ordered both Ray Franz books last year and his second arrived first. It is awesome, I have read it several times, and use it for reference purposes. Despite the title, it is a must for anyone interested in JWs, whether Christian or not.

    It is the in the top three books I have ever read, although Crisis of Conscience is also essential, especially for a JW. If the middle chapters get a touch heavy, persevere it shows why JWs get scriptures so wrong! It is a huge book of over 400 pages.

    By the way, you can read the whole of Chapter 9 of ISoCF free online on commentary press.


  • TallTexan
    he isn't bitter when he comes across

    That's what struck me the most when I read the book - the complete lack of hostility, even towards those that had done him wrong. I think that lends a lot of credibility to his story. Interesting when JW's say how 'vicious' the apostates are. Guess they haven't read Ray's books....

  • Clam
    Interesting when JW's say how 'vicious' the apostates are. Guess they haven't read Ray's books....

    Exactly, but some of them HAD to have read the book, whether for professional curiosity, legal reasons or whatever. It's such an explosive book for a JW that some reading it to see how "apostate* it was, must have had their eyes opened and consequently defected themselves. ??

    Thanks btw Jaffa I'll order it if it's that good.

  • deeskis

    I read COC last week whilst away on holiday with the family. They've been whinging about the amount of time I've spent online at this site so I had to ration the time I spent reading it.

    it was hard to put down, I laughed, and cried. I feel it is a must for anyone who is looking for information on the WTS, anyone who is on this site.

    Best wishes


  • KW13

    Thats cool Jaffa (thanks for the welcome)

    It shows that if we fight not with fire but with kindness it does more!

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