The lives of some JWs. so happy to be out!!!

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  • rowan

    just finished talking on the phone with my mom. She filled me in with the latest about my old JW acquaintances from before I was DF.

    1) brother bethelite from the the big city Bethel branch fighting depression, feelings of inadequacy and overweight (when I knew him, five years ago, he seemed fit and balanced, a "model bethelite"). He could not take Bethel anymore. He's seeking counseling. and trying to get off his arsenal of antidepressant drugs.

    2)Brother elder xxx part of my dummy JC, recently DF for getting involved with a young woman, after being kicked out from his home by judicial order ( I mean the law of the country) for (verbal, I want to guess) abuse. The good news is: his son got into med school! yeah! that would had never happened had his dad been around in his household.

    3)GOOD NEWS!!! Sister BRILLIANT got rejected from Bethel. She had tried hard to fit into the branch, offering translational and legal advise. good. they rejected her. now she won't have to be a janitor to prove herself. She got married to one top bethelite and found him a great job outside bethel. their loss.

    4) brother xxxx 40 yo virgin, bethel elder (WOW, he finally achieved the ambition of his life) part of my JC, falling apart from neurosis. Harsher than ever on the flock.

    My mother expressed her discomfort that after the way I had been raised I felt the way I did about the above facts:

    brother # 1) I hope he sees the light about what WT is doing to its minions, breaks free, and gets a life. He is a good boy.

    brother # 2) I feel bad for this victim of victims. and I am glad that his family is free of him.

    sister # 3) Another bright intellect will not be wasted to the WT cold and discarding machinery.

    and brother # 4)...He is a S...head and he deserves to feel as bad as he does. well, I kind of feel bad for him. Will he ever see the light? I think not. can I pray for him? I don't even know who to pray to anymore.

    Every time I look into the eyes of a JW I see a story of lost, of tragedy. What did I do to deserve to be out of this? I broke their rules, and in that moment that defined me as a "bad person". These people's lives are totally screwed up and are going on for the worst because they try to do what they deem as right. It is SO sad, and it makes me angry. What if I had not gotten drunk that one fateful night and made out with this not free to be remarried guy? Would I still be there, following rules and trying to be a good dubbie? I am so thankful things happened the way they did for me, but what about the thousands trapped in the WT machinery? We just look and hope for the best.


  • DaCheech

    Some are blinded

    Some are at fault for being ambitious

    Some are just plain nieve

    They gotta take some of the blame, the WT deserves all the blame!

    They are the evil slave.

  • hopelesslystained

    "trapped in the WT machinery" excellent description! what a sad, sad way for so many to spend their lives. :(

  • meems101

    why do they stay?

  • greendawn

    Having to live in an unnatural high pressure environment is very stressful and can lead to depression, they have to struggle each day to survive armageddon.

    They stay in because the fear of the world and the Devil got to them.

  • sass_my_frass

    I can so totally relate to what you're saying. Motherdarling has nothing but stories about how depressed she and all her witness friends are. We all know why they stay; because their depression is just a sign of the times and it's only temporary, and all they have to do is stay the course, and it will pay off. How could they give up now, they've put so much into it!

    I think the same thing happened to me as you; when I was disfellowshipped (I actually went to the elders myself, thinking I was doing the right thing!) I thought they had the truth, and was going to fight for it. It didn't take much of being treated like old gum on the sidewalk before I saw right through that. Every day since, I've gotten more and more happy. I'm coming off antidepressants. I wake up with JOY, excited about what life could give me today. I am so happy to be out I can't put it into words!

  • greendawn

    Sass that's the way it is, you learn the truth and it frees you. In the end it was good that you had let the elders know about your "misdeeds".

  • jwfacts

    So true. After fighting expulsion for 10 years I can not believe how fantastic I feel about life now I am free.

    Even as a child I could not believe how much sickness was in the organisation.

    In my cong heaps of people had Candida when it was popular. Then that went out of vogue and it became glandular fever. After that it was Chronic Fatigue, and still is. I don't doubt they were sick, but I believe it was guilt and stress induced.

  • rowan


    I'm looking forward the day I come off antidepressants for good. Anyways, it is amazing to live without fear and guilt. and that is how my life was on a day to day basis, even when I was in good standing. I don't ever want to forget that feeling, so I don't stop cherishing the freedom of mind, and the freedom to love that I have now.


  • sass_my_frass


    Welcome to life Rowan! Live it well!

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