A huge flock of crows

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  • Crumpet

    JH - my god you're right I still have the same baby blue bridget jones big pants on that I've had on for weeks - I'll rectify as soon as possible. Your crows look oddly like bats to me though...

  • willowmoon

    Can someone tell me what the enviromental impact from 911 are?


    Here's what I meant by the environmental impact: When the buildings exploded on 9/11 huge amounts of asbestos, lead, mercury and carcinogenic PCBs and dioxins were released into the air.

    These substances alone created massive air pollution, immediately killing birds and fish (even though the EPA assured us that the air on 9/11 was perfectly safe, then later admitted that was a lie.) No one seemed to be counting birds at the time -- counting the dead humans sort of overwhelmed the attention.

    When dioxins and PCBs are released into the air, they remain airborne, and settle into water and soil, where they're further transported or ingested by fish, birds and wild animals. They decompose very slowly in the environment and body, and are also deposited on plants and taken up by animals, birds and fish. Dioxins and PCBs become concentrated in the food chain where they can remain for up to an estimated thirty years. Birds and fish are particularly affected, since they're usually the first to ingest the water and plants contaminated with these environmental poisons and their systems are more susceptible to the effects.

    Informal studies in the NY metro area have shown that large numbers of dead crows and other birds contain high levels of PCB's with no trace of West Nile Virus (even though the EPA banned PCBs over twenty years ago).

    Toxic dust created by the WTC explosion also remain in the surrounding buildings and continue to be released into the environment, pretty much ensuring long term environmental impact.

    To put it simply, the crows are toast here


  • proplog2

    We used to have a lot of crows in our area. However, a lot of them have been killed by West Nile Virus. As a consequence their niche seems to have been filled by a large number of grackles, starlings and other smaller black birds. The crows used to rip open the plastic garbage bags on collection day. A lot of embarassing stuff was exposed.

    I have seen a couple crows lately so maybe they have survived their plague. Although crows were annoying they are not as annoying as the birds that have replaced them. They seem to aim for car door handles when they take a crap.

  • RubaDub

    When I think of that many crows I can only imagine them all pooping on my car.

    Rub a Dub

  • Apollyon


    Don't know if they are j-dubs I havn't found any crap on my door step....

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