What was the strangest or nicest experience you had at a door?

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  • Sheepish

    I remember one lady who was so nice to us, she invited us into her foyer/porch area outside her front door where she had a HUGE owl that had come to hang out. It was amazing to be so close to it, and we forgot all about the magazine offer! (owl eyes)

  • Snoozy

    Anytime they didn't slam the door in my face...

    I had one lady I studied with that always baked fresh pastries for me.

    We would have a tea party and then the study..She was one sweet lady..I got her to come to a few meetings but she eventually stopped saying it was too hard on her getting out.

    Then there was the guy that came to the door with a very loose towel on and nothing else...

    And some very very strange people!

    I didn't know there were so many really odd people out there..

    And some of them were even nicer than the Witnesses...

    Snoozy Q...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    In Montreal they have duplex apartments. One apt is on the main floor and the other is on the second floor. Often there is an indoor staircase so when you ring the bell they can buzz you in and when you open the door you are confronted with a staircase leading to the apt door. (I had never seen this before I moved to Montreal so the setting is for others who may not know what this is)

    Well the lady buzzed us in and stood at the top of the stairs with a huge cat in her arms.. Instead of climbing the stairs we stood just inside the door and closed it behind us so we would not let the cold air in. We were offering a WT about death and one of us asked if she was afraid of dying. She said "Oh No. I can't wait. I'm coming back as a cat." Well that left us both a little speechless. She told us to turn around and look at the back of the door we had just closed. We turned around and there was this door-sized poster of a tiger. She went on to explain to us how wonderful her life would be once she was one of her own - a cat.

    Well neither of had a thing to say so we wished her a good day and left.

  • slugga

    I once knocked on a druggy transvestites door in the middle of the afternoon. He looked like he'd just come around from the night before, he had thick make up on that was smeared all over his face including his lippy and his hair was all over his place. He was wearing this dirty underwear, tights and high heels and his arms were covered in needle marks.

    We did the presentation and he hobbled off still in a world of his own to get some money and we placed the mags. I don't think we marked it as a RV

  • Spectrum

    An old woman snapped at me saying,
    "go away you shitty arsed youngster"

  • IronClaw

    The nicest thing I can remember is one hot July day back when I was a good dub, this lovely old lady invited us in for a cold glass of water. Looking back now I guess that was the best part of that morning.

  • willyloman

    Strangest (one of many):

    We knocked on a door one day. There were no visible signs of life, no car outside, but you never know. Right after we knocked we heard a sound inside and some muffled voices. Then nothing. We waited a few seconds and knocked again, louder.

    A man's voice came from just inside the door: "Um, there's really nobody here right now."

    We looked at each and laughed, and left.


    Working some apartments one very cold winter morning when we lived in the mountains, we had found almost no one home. The few people who came to the door looked at us like we were idiots. It had to be about 5 or 10 degrees out, a cold, crisp day with snow on the ground. It was so cold that when you spoke your lips would start to get numb after just a few sentences. We were only there because the CO was visiting and we had to show up at the KH for field service.

    We knocked on a door and it opened. A familiar face peered out. It was D--, a business associate and friend of my boss's, whom I had met professionally just a few days earlier at the office. He remembered my name and invited us in. He had just made a pot of coffee and while we sat in front of a blazing fire in his tiny living room, he produced steaming mugs and some coffee cake that just came out of the oven.

    He told us he was staying in the apartment for a few months while he wrapped up a business transaction and couldn't wait to get home to his family. He was glad to have company and asked us what we were doing. We told him about our "volunteer work." He was very cordial and asked some questions. We offered him the magazines we were placing, which he took and set aside on a table. Then he changed the subject and we ended up talking about the firm I worked for and my boss, who was an old friend of his. He told me several "war stories" about the boss and we all had a good laugh. We must have been there for an hour and when we left he seemed sorry to see us go. I think he just wanted some folks to talk to.

    At the time, I thought Jehovah had provided us a shelter from the storm. Now I realize the lesson was this: Many people in this world are extraordinarly kind and pleasant and by hooking up with JWs I passed up hundreds of opportunities to make some really nice friends.

  • coffee_black

    We were vacation pioneering in Vermont. Rural territory, so you had to drive to each house. My mom was talking to a lady and a bird landed right on her head. My mom didn't know what to do....and her eyes got real big. I couldn't stop laughing. The harder my mom tried to get the bird off of her head, the tighter the bird held on to her hair. It was hilarious. The lady was laughing soooo hard too. Apparently she put food out for the birds, and they were almost domesticated. I can't remember if my mom placed anything or not...but we never went back there.


  • noneofurbiznis

    Well every time I went to the door (forced..I didn't/don't like talking to strangers) no one was ever home...I did almost a whole street & several other places! I took that as a sign that I shouldn't be going door to door.

  • inbyathread

    A man opened the door and holding a gun in hand said, "Now is not a good time."

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