The end is not prove it !

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  • Scully

    Some more:

    The WTS tells JWs to "keep their eye simple" - not buy new things, save for a house or retirement, not get an education - because "the end is so close".

    So why does the Circuit Overseer get a new car every couple of years? Why does the Kingdom Hall or Assembly Hall need maintenance when your house's maintenance is supposed to be put on the back burner? Why does Ted Jaracz get a new Armani suit and new shoes, when you and your kids are supposed to deny yourselves these things and be happy with what you already have?

  • gumby

    Vitty....don't feel bad sweetie

    I think ive been programmed for so long in the borg, with just a little persuasion, I start thinking what they are spouting is reasonable and cant remember anything ive learnt these last 2 years

    Your not alone. I can come to this forum and debate all day with dubs. I can think of all kinds of stuff while I'm here.........but get me face to face with a dub who wishes to debate and the mind goes numb, you get nervous, and you feel intimadated..........even though you KNOW they are full of shit!

    Like you said.....years of brainwashing stains the mind with hard to scrub out feelings and emotions. I have been putting off a discussion with a fellow friend and dub who is willing to talk and I'm a chickenshit to make the move. Go me a coward....I can take it


  • unique1

    Cyberdyne and Dmouse hit the nail on the head. We have been programmed to read the scripture one way for so long, we forget to read it with an open mind. Forget all your programming, clear your head and read the scripture. You will see it differently.

    This may be harsh, but I always say: Well, God waited until men tried to rape every visiting man that came into Soddom and Gamorrah before he smited them. So until we have our neighbors coming over and trying to force themselves on my friends when they come over, I guess we are safe.

  • AlmostAtheist
    but get me face to face with a dub who wishes to debate and the mind goes numb, you get nervous, and you feel intimadated

    That's quite a thing to admit, Gumbo. Thanks for that, glad I'm not the only one. So there's at least two of us, three if vitty is on board...

    I'm not sure you can present any "I don't think the end is close" info without coming off apostate, Vit. The closeness of the end is practically a core teaching. Even if you stick to facts -- disease is on decline, wars are in decline, famine is in decline -- you still sound apostate because you're putting the wrong "spin" on the facts.

    When you're dealing with people that think there's only one right way to think, and you don't think that way, it's inevitable that you're going to hit a wall. :-(


  • stevenyc

    Living in the heart of JDub mecca, here in Brooklyn Heights, I can tell you that, considering the amount of refurbishment and construction of Watchtower buildings, (and these are HUGE buildings), there is no way they think the end is neigh!


    Edited to add: In fact it's a common joke amoung the neighbors. 'It aint over yet, because their still constructing'

  • gumby
    gumby may be the day I do a result of this thread. The guy I want to discuss with was a door to door partner of mine who is a reasonable 'brother". I'm not going to discuss anything doctrinal......just simple stuff,....such as WHY god is going to destroy all of mankind except for the witnesses all because these people won't accept the WTBTS as gods only approved channel for mankind. I suppose once I start.....I'll "let go" and give him an earfull. It's breaking the ice that's the hard part.


  • oldflame

    Hey I will tell you guys that the witnesses are not the only ones teaching that the end times are near. The last service I was at, at my local Baptist church, the pastor said that we are at the ends front door and that the end is very near. So the witnesses are not the only ones teaching this.

  • gumby

    OldFlame is correct. Most churches believe Christ is at the doorstep ready to knock. The dubs promote it heavier is the difference and have a different idea of how it will happen. Dubs believe 99.9% of people will be slaughtered and christendom has it at about 70-80% last time I checked. Remember...."the road is narrow to life and few are the ones finding it".

    Gumby......who'll just be glad to make it to be at least 75 or 80 before he starts shittin his shorts.

  • joelbear

    use the scripture where Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow.

  • vitty

    Thanks everyone, now I dont feel im the only one.

    I KNOW its crap what they teach, but Ive realized since not going to meetings that my relationship was with the WT and not God.

    I find this really hard to accept and to admit, cos I really wanted to do the right thing and I really wanted the new system.

    But for 9 years of my childhood and then 20 years as an adult, it was the WT that had authority over me!

    So now, when I have to refute them and PROVE from the bible why they are so wrong on things, I find it really hard because I dont really know my bible, just a few scriptures that I used in FS and heard over and over and over again.

    By the way I did go to a Sunday meeting a couple of weeks ago, it was like id never been away, but what an eye opener, since knowing the truth, but thats another thread !!!

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