The end is not prove it !

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  • vitty

    Im fading, and some of my family now realize we arent going to meetings. Everytime they phone or speak to me me, they keep reminding ( threatning) that the end is so close, dont give up now.

    I just dont know how to respond, I know so much, but dont want to go into the Un stuff yet ( dont want to sound apostate just yet) How can I say I dont believe the end is close ! That armageddon isnt iminent, what scripture can I use to back it up. I feel like an idiot, They are quoting Matt 24 and I have no answers !!!!! And dont get me started on the F and D slave lol

    I think ive been programmed for so long in the borg, with just a little persuasion, I start thinking what they are spouting is reasonable and cant remember anything ive learnt these last 2 years

    Does anyone else feel this way or am I a hopeless case. I think it may be because I havent had any real practice in refuteing them.

  • Rook


    Would a Jehovah's Witness trust the translation of their Bible to someone who didn't know Greek or Hebrew and only had a high school education?
    This is an important question to ask a Jehovah's Witness because they do, in fact, do just that. The Watchtower Society has always resisted efforts to identify members of the translation committee for the New World Translation. There is good reason for their secrecy. The translation committee is now known to be a group of five men with no credentials that would in any way make them qualified to translate the Bible from the original texts. Four of the five men in the committee had no Hebrew or Greek training whatsoever and had only a high school education. The fifth member of the translation team claimed to know Hebrew and Greek. However, while being examined under oath in a court of law in Edinburgh Scotland, he was found to fail a simple Hebrew test. The truth is the translation of the New World Translation used by Jehovah's Witnesses was translated without any ability to read the original texts.
  • Sirona

    Show them this:

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Then end is close for them because they are told it is. If you read Mathew 24 with out any bias, you can see Jesus was talking to the disciples about the time coming soon - the destruction of Jerusalem. There is no reason to read into it a broader meaning that just happens to coincide with 'today'. Why did the apostle Paul say to those he wrote to that there would be some of us changed in a twinkling of an eye to be in heaven? Yet the Witnesses claim this wont happen until Armagedon!? Unfortunately there is no way to refute their arguments without sounding apostate to their doctrines. Just be sure to your own understanding and convictions, and I dont know about you but I hated doing research when I was in, but now I love doing it. To actually be looking into the bible to discern its true meaning instead of listening to the constant propaganda dredged up year after year is actually exciting.

  • DannyHaszard

    Preterist or futurist?......The Watchtower publications especially the 'Revelation Climax' book are still 98% lies it's amazing i use to dash home from work,shower,shave dress up in a suit/tie to go study that spiritual swill-Danny Haszard What Is A Preterist (and why would I want to become one)?

  • dmouse

    I recommend the book 'Sign of the last days - When?' by Carl. O. Jonsson

    That book completely destroys any notion that the so-called signs are especially prevelent today.

    Also, this scripture is good: Luke 21:8 where Jesus warns his followers not to listen to people who say 'the due time has approached.'

    Look out that you are not misled; for many will come on the basis of my name, saying 'I am he,' and 'The due time has approached.' Do not go after them.

    Actually, if you read through Matt 24 carefully, Jesus is saying that wars, earthquakes etc are NOT a sign of the end!!! '... these things must take place, but the end is not yet.'

    Otherwise, what's the point of Jesus saying 'the end' is coming like a thief in the night? And no one knows the day or the hour? All the scriptures show that the timing of 'the end' will come as a complete surprise to EVERYONE.

  • DannyHaszard

    dmouse-perfect concise answer

  • KW13

    well, its been over 100 years the end was predicted, World wars have passed and convinced folks the end was upon them.

    Whatever this world faces, the end brought about Jehovah is not here and will never come by Jehovah.

    The witnesses say that many false prophets will arise and mislead many, if you take a look at them, its a fitting description.

  • Scully


    If the end was so close, why is the Society still pushing for contributions to the World Wide Work, and building new Kingdom Halls everywhere, and building that brand new luxury facility at Patterson? If the end was so close, wouldn't you expect them to focus on ensuring that every JW were physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared for the Great Tribulation?

    If the end is so close, why are they so focussed on building new Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls [and putting the financial burden on the congregations] when the money could be used to help the Brothers and Sisters who are in need or discouraged, especially when the statistics show a decrease in the need for these construction projects?

    If the end is so close, why is the Society sending certain of its elite members to University for 5 years or more to become lawyers, with the proviso that they repay them with a minimum of 5 years service to the WTS's legal department when they are finished law school? What would be the point of that, if they didn't forsee that these individuals would actually finish the degree and be able to work off their debt to the WTS?

  • hawkaw

    To continue from Scully:

    If the end is is so close why oh why do they have millions of dollars in their bank account?


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