Can someone point out the differences between a teacher and a leader?

by DavidChristopher 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BadPammie

    I have held both positions. To me, a good teacher is more of a guide, shedding light on information the student can use to define options and make educated decisions for themselves. A leader is one that gathers information from his group and then has to make the final decision for the groups activities. A good leader will then allow each member of the group to use their strengths to the fullest to accomplish their goals.

    Just my 2cents.


  • trevor

    A good teacher will present different arguments and known facts to students, helping to develop their power of reasoning.

    A leader claims to have the answers all worked out and recruits followers who are expected to follow without question.

    Ring any bells?

  • jgnat

    A good teacher HAS to be a good leader, unless they are teaching one-on-one. I know. I am a Sunday School teacher to five year olds. Everything I needed to learn about crowd control I learned from being with the little ones.

    A leader leads. A good leader makes sure they are leading in a good direction. I have met some great teacher-pastors, who were good at both teaching and leading. I have met other great leaders who left the teaching to others.

    There are a few lecturers on this board (Franz, Scholar, Schizm, Shining One) who fancy themselves teachers, but they can neither listen or adapt. Lecturing is the least effective teaching tool. A good teacher pauses, questions, and adapts their teaching style to their audience. A good teacher then, must also be a good learner, growing from her mistakes.

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