Is this Bible warning a valid one?

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  • scout575

    Thanks Narkissos, I bow to your superior linguistic skills. Even allowing for your clarification, I have to say that upon leaving Christianity I didn't even have 'a KIND of' "fearful looking for of judgement." The bubble of Christianity had burst and I had no fear of judgement whatsoever. The same is true of others that I know who have done the same. Maybe the Bible's stark warning at Heb 10:26,27 ( like my question ) needs some clarification too?

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    My "clarification" was just about the meaning of "certain" which you happened to emphasise. But basically I agree with you, it is scare tactics, and there is a lot of that in the NT. Of course it only works for people who are "still in the box".

  • greendawn

    The dubs do not have the truth anyway so abandoning them is more like abandoning a lie, it is something beneficial.

  • Think

    We are talkin here about leavin BIG LIE, THE FALSE PROPHET, THE BABELTOWER, IS LEAVING A BIG LIE a good things or bad ? You are the judge.

    Truth an lie cant walk together. So the choice is obvious .

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    The verses in Hebrews refer to those annointed ones, who received holy sprit. Just read on a few verses to see this. I have never been one of these as the majority of Witnesses have not been according to their own belief structure, and yet any and all verses are applied equally to all Witnesses. Imagine if one was really annointed and recieved the spirit, the bible would take on new meaning, living a spiritual life instead of the fleshly one, and thats where the idea of making fleshly people follow laws to spirit annointed people fall down, the Law proved we could not keep it. To be a True Christian one would have to receive the holy spirit and your life is no longer for the flesh but to your spiritual body without the 'needs and desire's' of a fleshly body.

  • noneofurbiznis

    After all of the mind trauma, the first time I did Xmas I was waiting for God to come down & get me. I still get eerie feelings that Armageddon or something is going to happen when I do something FUN!

    Hey do you think I could get them to pay for all of the years of therapy I'm going to need?

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