To Those Who Still Go To Meetings, Do You Sense Anything Different?

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  • juni

    My friend has been attending meetings and assemblies for his own personal reasons. What has been said here is the same thing he's noticed with the brothers and sisters. Sounds like there is a real problem among all of the cong. Juni~~~~~~~~

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I have seen the same things that are being described in my congregation.
    Think about it. The people on this board are from various locations, many in the states but there are those from other areas. WE ALL SEE THE SAME THINGS! Think about what is going on.
    -lackluster comments
    -drop in field service participation
    -lack of support with other "theocratic" activities
    -the number of baptized is shrinking
    -more and more "personal" problems between members
    -lack of excitement for the organization

    These are just some of the things that many of us have seen.

    For some reason the Watchtower had a really good swing through the 90's and into the first part of this decade, but it seems that now everything is slowing down some. I think there are some reasons for this.

    -information on the internet about the witnesses
    -information in the Watchtower, Awake, and other publications is getting really repetitive and boaring. People are getting tired of the same things over and over again.

    Think about the LONG conventions that the Society used to have. Full day long programs where you broke for dinner and then came back! The last assembly was begging people to attend ALL THREE DAYS of their conventions! What a shift in the thinking of the members. The Watchtower has gone from members taking off entire weeks to attend programs to now beggin for people to stay a few days on the weekend.
    I think the general mindset of most witnesses is that as long as they keep up with a "thocratic" routine they will be saved in Gods war. Those who get excited about the "truth" are shrinking, at least from what I can see where I live.

  • juni

    Couldn't agree with you more Drew. And you have a good point - this is all over the world not just in the states. The "Truth" appealed to people because it was different than what was being done and taught in the churches. As we go on, JW org. is just the same old thing. Turns off a lot of people. And the hypocrisy is finally getting to people. Also, them dictating every move you make. They are out of touch w/reality and what it takes to raise a family and be low on money. I think a lot of people are finally waking up to all of this.



    Many people do not go out in the ministry anymore and the bookstudy attendance is significantly lower that when I can recall going back 10-20 yrs. I get the general feeling that there is no urgency or zeal to do anything anymore from most JWs

  • brooklynNY

    I have not attended my former congregation in years, but when I did attend in the mid 80's, early nineties we were like a social/religious organization. The various clicks would always have something going on like concerts, plays, and weekend trips to varied places. "Friends" from around the circuit would call us the party animal congregation. The CO eventually discovered we were having too much fun and had the elders present a Local Needs Talk to put a stop to us from making too much merry. At that time our congregations had the highest number of publishers, pioneers, and averaged hours per publisher, magazine placement and meeting attendance in the circuit.

    I was talking to my former brother-in-law not too long ago, his wife is still in. He told me that the Sunday meeting averages about 80-90. This is down from about 175- 200 when I was attending.

    Now that I think about, the reason we excelled as a congregation was because we enjoyed a life outside of the Kingdom Hall. However, as we all know if you are enjoying life the “Slave” is thinking the elders must be doing something wrong. They much rather see you go around looking miserable.

  • juni

    I think too that people are just getting tired out from all of life's stresses and then add to that the supposedly "refreshing meetings." I think that if they added one more mtg. to the schedule, you'd see a lot more going out the door.

  • mrsjones5
  • The seniors are tired and depressed, perhaps a little financially desperate as well.
  • That honestly sounds like my parents


  • juni

    Heh Josie!

    How's your day going? Juni :)

  • greendawn

    This totalitarian evil finally contains its own seed of destruction, everything depended on Franz and he wouldn't let others get trained on the job, and after him there is no one to carry it out. So they have no new food to give out despite being the FDS.

  • LuckyNun

    I swear, I hate the word 'zeal' because of hearing it so much as a kid. I've got your zeal right here! I think it's funny that when I was a kid, my siblings and I had to be barfing up a lung to be able to miss a meeting, and then we had to lie in bed and read literature! now, I call my parents on a Tuesday or Thursday night without thinking (that is such a lovely feeling, to no longer hate Tuesdays and Thursdays!), and my first question is, "What are you guys doing home?" They listen by speakerphone instead of going to the meetings. What kind of a joke is that? They count field service by calling and sending letters. They basically never leave the house, anymore. *shudder* so glad I got away!

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