Did UFO's play a part in Jesus Baptism?

by Franz 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • TopHat

    Please tell us more about UFO's and the Bible prophets Franz...I am all ears

  • willyloman

    All of which explains two new TV shows, 'Surface' and 'Invasion,' wherein alien creatures live in the water. Hilarity ensues. It's all in the Bible.

  • Ellie

    This sounds like a really sensible theory actually, much more sensible than the christian theory, I wouldn't mind looking further into it.

  • Kenneson

    Oh, and don't forget Elijah who was taken up into heaven in that chariot of fire. Must have been another one of those spaceships. Some people just have all the luck!

  • delilah
    Sure they did, the U.S.S. Enterprise to be exact....and afterwards, Jesus said, "Beam me up Scottie".
  • Legolas
  • MuadDib

    All true. In fact, the legend of alien technology was preserved in non-canonical Masoretic and Essene scripts rediscovered by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. They brought these back to Europe where the Freemasons paired the knowledge with medieval Arab alchemy to reforge the long-lost transdimensional communication link with the alien Greys. The collaboration between the two - funded in part by the Rothschilds using a cache of gold discovered under the Pyramids by following a map revealed in the shadows of Stonehenge during a partial solar eclipse in 1666 - now aims to resurrect the lost island civilization of Atlantis, the location of an interplanetary death-ray battery destroyed by the reptilian Green race during the pan-galactic wars that ravaged our world when humanity was young.

    Either that or Jesus had a relevatory religious experience during an ascetic medititative retreat from his society - just like Moses, Buddha, and Muhammad. Coincidence? Probably not.

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