Quotes from "Clothe Yoursleves With The New Personality" Assembly

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  • Tez

    Uhhmmm, correct me if I am wrong... but don't men and women who are not married to one another work together at Bethel????

  • BluesBrother

    law of proximity - a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) objects or events that are near to one another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging together as a unit

    Mind you, I have heard that thing about gold/silver somewhere before in dubland (I think it was spoken and not written) so perhaps he just passed on what he heard - typical!

  • luna2

    I'm with you, Honesty...I must have been out of my mind!

    This stuff is painful to read. Hats off to those of you who still have to go and are able to sit through this drivel. I'm sure I'd have to leave after about an hour. I like what Mary did last summer...go to a movie during the afternoon and only get back for the last talk.

  • unique1

    So, If I put my solid gold chain beside my sterling silver one and leave them there long enough I will only have one necklace, or the gold necklace will turn silver only on the side facing the silver. UHhhhh I don't think so. My jewlery has shared the same case for years and the only ones changing are the Fake gold plated things, now that gold does rub off of the silver. Did he not take science in school?

  • Saoirse


    Have you ever heard of the Law of Proximity? This law says that if two elements should lie next to one another e.g. a bar of gold and a bar of silver, the two elements would mix, rubbing off one into the other

    I worked in the chemistry field for 6 years and I never heard this. My husband is a chemical engineer and he says that's rubbish. I even went through all of our chemistry textbooks and there is no mention of this theory. Once again, the JWs are spewing crap.

    The speaker establish his "credentials" as chemistry expert early in his talk by explaining how many elements in the periodic table, how many discovered, how many we need to consume to survive.

    His "credentials" means nothing. I learned about the periodic table as a 12 year old in the 7th grade. This guy is a tool.

    Please give me his name and address so I can write him a nasty letter.

  • jeeprube
    ban moustaches and beards

    What's this about banning moustaches? JW's in the States can wear them, is it different down under?

  • blondie

    The law of proximity states that the closer objects are to one another, the more likely we are to mentally group them together. In the illustration below, we perceive as groups the boxes that are closest to one another. Note that we do not see the second and third boxes from the left as a pair, because they are spaced farther apart.

    Sounds like alchemy when they talk about gold and silver combining because of being close togeher. The above is the same definition over and over about the Gestalt Law of Proximity. It has nothing to do with elements merging because they are close to each other.


  • greendawn

    That's typical propaganda against education, "the parents will be pressured to pay", oh yeah, it will be a damn good investment though in the long term as the worldly people say, better than condemning your children to a lifetime of window cleaning, and when did the WTS guarantee to help them in times of need if they get low paid uncertain jobs?

  • Trojan

    I sit there (in the last row) and they have this elder and father come up for an Interview that goes like this:

    Interviewer: "So Brother Dude, what do you do to entertain your children?" (Because there isn't really a lot left over after this course, lets resume: college is bad, learning too, videos three time bad, playing with other children from the neighborhood is devilish bad, playing on your computer makes you a real badass and Internet is the devil in person, ....)

    Brother Dude: "Well, I go to the local Mall and we walk around and watch the shop windows, but we do not buy anything, because I do not wan't my children to grow up with a materialistic way of thinking. I tell them that we don't need all these things and in that way I teach them a lesson for life. To the final end I go and buy an icecream and then we go home!"

    Interviewer: "Very well, Bro. Dude....well done. This is a fine example of entertainment in family;"

    I thought to myself: Heck, he could as well have said: "I go to a local brothel and we walk around, watch the ehm, doing their business...and then I tell the boys that this is naughty stuff, that they will never do and then I buy them a beer....eh, an icecream and we go home."

    WHY IN GODS SAKE would this guy SHOW all the stuff that he doesn't intend to buy anyway? And another question goes around my mind: IS THE ICECREAM NOT SOME SORT OF WORLDLY, DEVILISH LUST? Is something to that icecream that could be banned?

  • DanTheMan
    "Clothe Yoursleves With The New Personality" Assembly

    That's really the title? Omg, it sounds like something an Apostateā„¢ would make up, as a joke!!! LOL

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