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  • onesong

    So I've been here now about 4 months and about to be upgraded from a Newbie. (Woohooo!!!)

    And since I didn't get to go to college and a host of other things (I really wonder just how good of a baseball player I could have been)

    I've decided I'm going to pursue something I couldn't have done as a Dub...I'm going to bartending school tomorrow!!!

    I can't wait 'til the elders on my former body visit the local watering hole after a meeting and see me behind the bar!

    What do you think the tip will be like? ( I mean just how much do you tip a blasphemer?)

    Since this post is a sort of milestone I'd like to thank all of you for your input and support. I'm so grateful your all here!!

    My love to you all !!!! -Onesong

  • IronClaw

    Congrats on your new status. I think when the elders see ya, they'll probably walk out. Buts heres a beer on the Claw

  • freedomlover

    great onesong. bartending can be really fun.

    good chance you'll bump into at least a few witnesses while working behind a bar. the majority of witnesses I know have major drinking problems!

    next time you get a group of witnesses at your bar you should pound a few shots, jump on the bar, strip to some rockin' song and then dedicate the little number to them....he he he

    keep meaning to ask if that's you in your pic? into music?

  • damselfly

    Good for you onesong!

    I think if any Jws come into your bar just go ahead and upgrade them to a double


  • onesong

    Great idea freedomlover ! ( except maybe the stripping...or who knows, get enough alcohol in me..)

    I could point out the JW's, announce who they are and mention they're shunning me. Oh to dream! What song to dedicate? Welcome to the Jungle

    Would you like me if that was me? It's not, but very well could be. I play, sing and look similar. (w/o the beard) My pic will be up soon.

  • freedomlover

    one song ---- welcome to the jungle he he he ---- good one

    now that would be a great stripping song!

    I'd like you anyway even if that's not you in the pic.

    something about those good guitar players. makes this girl weak in the knees....(heart fluttering at all the hot guitar players) he he he

    my hubby plays guitar, very well I may add, and I LOVE that about him...... he just started a beard also.........too much hotness for me! ha ha ha

    good luck at bartending school....

  • serendipity

    Hi onesong,

    Have fun at bartending school. Seems like a fun job.

  • Apostanator

    congrats.........as far as the tip??? They may leave you the latest publication !!

  • Satanus

    Good for you. If the dubs raise their brows about you working behind the counter, you could counterraise your brows at them being on the other side of the counter consuming the stuff.


  • Calliope
    So I've been here now about 4 months and about to be upgraded from a Newbie. (Woohooo!!!)

    does that mean i'm still in puberty? oh.... the horror.


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