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  • figureitout

    Here we go Steelers, Here we go.. Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!!! As a native Pittsburgher I can tell you the town is thrilled and going crazy!!!!!!

    This is the year we get one for the Thumb!!!

  • joelbear

    its hard to choose,, all the players are so darn cute.

  • delilah
    all the players are so darn cute....Joelbear, you are SO right... Superbowl should be fun...though I don't care who wins, my team isn't playing.
  • skyman

    I just heard that the Stealer's are the favorites by 3.5 points. I don;t know how they come up with the 1/2 point but it was just on the news. I think there are a lot of people going to make money because the Seahawks have the better team.

  • figureitout
    because the Seahawks have the better team

    based on what???? The Seahawks have played in the worst division in football, and beat a depleted Carolina team to get into the Bowl. I agree they are a good team, but if there is a bookie or line maker out there who says the Seahawks are a better team please let me know because I will honestly drop 5k to place that bet.

    That is why they play the game. I made 2k on the Steeler game this weekend. So I am taking my original 1k and banking it, then betting another 1k on the Steelers. The best line I have seen was an even 3.

  • Buster

    Strange ... I was certain the playoffs ended last week. If New England isn't playing, there just doesn't seem to be much of a point... does there?

  • Gretchen956

    Oh Buster, seems Seattle (or at least Washington) has lost TWO traiters to eastern teams! I'm told we aren't allowed out in public. However at least my team made it in there!


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