JWs knock on my door three times in one week

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  • Sirona

    Hi All,

    My husband is off work at the moment recovering from a double hernia operation.

    The JWs knocked one day and our friend, who was here doing a bit of painting for us, answered the door and simply told them he wasn't the householder.

    Then at the weekend, early on a Saturday morning, they knocked again. I was in my nightclothes and had only just gotten up, or I would have answered.

    Then, a few days later, my husband said they knocked AGAIN. He didn't answer because he knew the individuals and didn't like them (he is Ex Dub aswell).

    Now, they KNOW where I live. They haven't knocked on my door for 3 years. My hub says that the last knock was two elders.

    I have various theories as to why this has happened.

    1. Accident. They just didn't keep good records and knocked on my door three times randomly.

    2. They know my hub is unwell and wanted to catch him at his weakest...LOL

    3. They have heard from my JW brother that at Christmas I went to my JW mum's house with a Christmas CD and Christmas Crackers and proceeded to make it Christmas for everyone present. (background note: my JW mum cooks a turkey dinner each christmas for my non-JW stepdad...to which we are invited. My JW brother also attends each year because he tells himself its "just a turkey dinner". Usually there is no reference to christmas - no decorations, no crackers, no music. This year, I turned up with a CD and crackers and made everyone pull them including the two JWs at the table. They did it aswell LOL)

    My guess is either number 1 or number 3.

    What do you think? I'm waiting for another knock on the door. What can I do? Bear in mind I'm pagan and I have various pagan statues around my house (Winged Isis on the fireplace (a kind gift from LittleToe), Green man and Triple goddess on the piano and a pagan pentagram mirror). How I'm not ALREADY Df'd I do not know! LOL


    PS. A newly DF'd person visited us recently, and I was open about everything.....I said to him "I can't believe I'm not DF'd yet...LOL".....do you think he's a secret mole and has told them because he still believes?

  • Sirona

    OOOH! I just had another thought!

    The girl who does my hair (she visits my house) is the daughter of a devout JW. She isn't JW but is close to her family.

    Last time she came to cut my hair, the new pagan statues were out (ones I got for Christmas / Yule)

    ......maybe it was her who told her dad.....who then told the elders???!


  • serendipity

    HI Sirona,

    You may very well be busted. How are you going to handle that situation?

  • jeeprube

    Yeah, they're after you. Watch your back.

  • unbeliever

    Three times in one week?

    I see an announcement in your future. Sirona and Hubby are no longer JW's.

    That's happened with friends of mine. I have heard of them showing up at their work or late at night.

  • Sirona

    There is nothing anymore which holds me to the JW religion. I simply DONT CARE if I'm DF or DA, however, if I am, I'd like it to be on my terms.

    If anyone has any suggestions regarding how to go out with style then I'm all ears. What is the best way to be DA'd or DF'd and at the same time inflict the most damage on the JWs as a religion on a local level?

    Its been 5 years...I can't believe how sad they are!


  • Forscher

    Ignore them. That'll drive them crazy!

  • garybuss

    Ha! You been busted by the Christmas cracker cops. They must think of it as a speeding ticket.

  • Highlander

    I've never had JW's at my door. I've lived in many different places and never give out my address to the local brothers so therefore I'm surprised I've never been called on in the

    regular preaching work. To be honest I think it would be fun to be on the other side of the door for a change.

    On a side note, I live in Los Angeles now and considering the size of city and the number of kingdom halls, you would expect to see a lot of witnesses preaching.

    I travel all over SoCal for work and I just don't see that many preachers out there anymore. When I do run across some witnesses, it's typically older sisters, or brothers.

    Not too often do I see 'young ones' out there. Not that I don't understand,, I still consider myself an older 'young one' and you'll never catch me knocking on doors again. You'll see me

    doing an occasional appearance at the meeting but that's it!

  • stillajwexelder

    being conscientios on the "Not-at-homes"?

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