The Narrow Road

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    I'm gonna pm you, we need to talk. I'm up your way frequently enough.


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    I replied. Did you get it? Peace, girlie!!


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    Thank you and the greatest of peace to you!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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    May you have peace! I must apologize for the delay in responding: I truly had not intended anything more than to make my initial post and perhaps greet those who greeted me. If there was anything to reply to beyond a greeting of love, however, I would not presume to make it pursuant to my own initiative, but only as the Spirit directed me, which is what my initial reply to was based on. I have now been given reply to your last assertions, which I will relate in further detail below. But first:

    Please dear

    Truly, what all of us "think" is of little value, dear JT, so I must vehemently agree with you, here...

    be saddened by your own tenacious arguing for a lesser god; for in your heart of hearts you know better.

    What I "know"... in my heart and otherwise, is that I spoke the truth to you, just as I heard it FROM the Truth. That you perceived my belief in a lesser god as a result is a mystery to me.
    If the voice you hear tells you that the ultimate significance, our reality and truth, is not true for all but reserved only for some

    It is indeed OPEN to all, dear JT; that not all will WANT or ACCEPT it, does not mean it is "reserved" for some. That is a teaching of institutionalized religion (i.e., the JW's 144,000; "christianity's" teaching that some (they only) go to heaven, others to hell, etc.). I have not been taught such an error, nor do I promote any like it. While it is true that there are reserved "from among the sons of Israel," the number 144,000, so as to fulfill my Father's promise to Abraham, there is also a great crowd which NO man is able to number, out of EVERY nation, tribe, tongue and people. That the latter does not include ALL of as well, meaning those who are NOT among the 144,000 chosen to fulfill the promise to Abraham, is also false; for ALL of will be saved. And who is to say what their number is, for ALL who have the blood of Abraham in them are "," whether Jew or Greek… or Chinese… or Norwegian. In addition, "he is not a Jew who is one on the OUTSIDE, but he is a Jew who is one on the INSIDE." So, by virtue of what's in their HEART, one can constitute oneself a Jew… or "" ("to the extent you did it to the LEAST of these my brothers, you did it to me"). Also, one can be constituted as "," NOT by the blood of man, though Abraham, but by the blood of God, through Christ. And finally, there is always mercy; for God shows mercy to whomever HE wishes to show it.

    So while Paul indeed said that "there is reserved for 'us'" a place with the Lord, "we" are not the only ones who are counted. MY Father... is much larger than that, much larger than saying something is reserved for some, while not for others. That is not the "way" of the Christ, and you have never heard me say that it was.

    it may be wise to look elsewhere for wisdom;

    There is no where… or one… else to look to, dear JT. All others would be "strangers." Been there, done that.

    in hopes you may find what is TRUE for everything and every one.

    I have found the Truth, dear JT; rather, he has found me. And he is true and the same One… for everything and everyone.

    All that's required is to let go of ideas which disunite us, and which limit and place God somewhere other than where all existence is.

    Which I believe I have done. I think, however, that you confuse what I stated: it is not God who limits us; it is we ourselves. It is not God who separates from us; it is we who separate from Him. It is not God who constitutes us His enemy; but we who do so. It is not God who rejects us as His children; it is we who reject Him as our Father. God cannot be anywhere other than where all existence is; He is the original Source of all existence, the glory for which He has given to His Son; He does not move from us; it is we who move from Him… by moving away from His Son… by going contrary to what that Son taught us moves us BACK…. love.

    My sense is that such atrocities (wars, hatred, etc.) are due to our ignorance of God's unending and limitless presence

    Or the abuse of such knowledge, to our own ends and gains, to the detriment of our fellow humans…

    not by any fault boundary or absence of God.

    I think you should re-read what I was directed to state, dear JT, for I cannot understand how you came to the conclusion that I related ANY fault boundary… or absence of God… in the way you seem to mean here. God cannot be "absent" per se… except from our hearts. And that is our own doing, not His.

    If we truly realized our oneness within God, there would be no one to hate, condemn, or make war with.

    If we ALL did, yes. And that is the gist of my reply: that we ALL do NOT realize that to be "with" God would eliminate hatred, condemnation, war, etc.. and that it is when WE are "absent" with GOD… by means of HIM not being in OUR hearts… hatred, condemnation, war, etc., results. Such things serve our own desires, not God's.

    But you do not have to trust in me that I am right, dear . For in the end all eyes will see. No exclusions.

    Actually, I think that it is you who are trusting in yourself that you are right, dear JT, and not me. The fact that you apparently read things into my reply that truly are not there, as well as ascribed an improper motive to my reason for replying as I did ("arguing for a lesser god"), moves me to ask YOU… to examine YOUR heart… for you obviously felt a need to contend, while I only related a message.

    Now, moving on to what I have since been directed to share with you:

    You are in error if you believe that there are not two groups of people: those who belong to God through Christ, and those who don't. Indeed, dear JT, there are "wheat" and there are "weeds." We did not all originate in the (of the Covenant), the "womb" of the "woman," Jerusalem Above, our mother, whose "seed" we are. Some are the seed of her maidservant, Hagar, the physical realm. But neither is relevant. What IS relevant is who our FATHER is: by whose blood, semen, life force… spirit… that we are "fertilized"… "cultivated"… such that we are "born"… again.

    And there are two "men"… such that there are the children of God… and the children of Devil. Both men… "sowed seed in the earth"… God, with the seed of the woman, which seed originated in the and was then "thrown down before the founding of the world," and the Adversary with the woman's "maidservant," Hagar. Thus, both men have "conceived" children, by means of joining their "seed" with the "woman's" seed."

    Am I meaning that the "woman" committed "adultery"? No. The "woman" has two (2) sets of seed, that of her own (Sarah, the spirit realm, representing the NEW Covenant, whose children are born because of a PROMISE)… and that of her maidservant (Hagar, the physical realm, representing the LAW Covenant, whose children are born in the manner of the flesh). Hagar's literal seed is actually ALSO Sarah's seed, because Hagar belonged to, was owned by, Sarah. Hagar and the seed of her womb.

    ALL can BECOME Sarah's seed, however, either by coming directly FROM Sarah, or being "adopted" by her… by means of being "adopted" by her Husband, JAH. OR… they can reject either Sarah or JAH… or both… and stay true to their original parents, Hagar and the Adversary. The choice is theirs. But such choice is MANIFEST: he that does not love his brother does NOT originate with God. Nor can such one later claim to have been "born" of God.

    Does that mean that such one will perish? Who am I to say such a thing? God is merciful and slow to anger. He shows mercy to whomever HE wishes to show it. The man Paul confessed that he was an "enemy" of God. Yet, he was shown mercy.

    It is God's will that none perish, dear JT, which is why He sent His Son. That some WILL is neither the will of God… nor the work of God. It is merely a result of such one's own desire: to be separate from God by means of being separate from one another… by means of hatred, condemnation, hypocrisy, and the like.

    I am not limited in my knowledge of God, dear JT, because I do not know what I know from the Bible or any other like media. My knowledge of God is what has been given me by His Son, whom I know fully, and am known by fully. There is nothing hidden: he hides nothing from me… and I hide nothing from him. Who and what I am I openly confess… to him… and to all others. I do not rely on the Bible to teach me, therefore, for it is indeed a limited… and limiting… source. In it are condemnations of all sorts. I rely on the One about whom much of it is written, such that I receive what I do directly FROM the Source… who is forever. He was there when it started… and is here now. And he is the One that came… to bear witness to the TRUTH: that God is LOVE… that He is MERCIFUL… that He FORGIVES and RELEASES… not that He judges and condemns. For my Lord said that he did NOTHING of his own initiative, but just as the Father TAUGHT him… and just as he observed the Father DOING… so he does. Where, then, do you see a loveless, judgmental, hateful, hypocrite? In him, there is none.

    The things I have stated to you, dear JT, previously and now, are not mine. If I were to tell you that they were, I would be a liar. If I were to take credit for them, I would be a "false christ." They are what I have received from my Lord, the Holy One of Israel, the Son and Christ of JAH, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. If I did not believe them fully, then I would be unfaithful. And if I were to state them any differently than as I heard them, watering them down or color-coating them so that others would receive them better, I would be disloyal. I am surprised at how many who confess to be in union with God and/or Christ, expect such a thing.

    I do not put my faith in an unperceivable, unknowable, abstract Superior Being, dear JT. Rather, I put it in a real, live, loving and compassionate Supreme Being, the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH… of Armies… and in His Word, who is ALIVE and with me… the Holy One of Israel… JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. And such knowledge, knowing God and the One whom He sent forth, is not reserved for me alone to do so; it is available to ANY who wish it, so long as such one ASKS… and does so out of a pure motive and clean heart.

    And I do not mean "clean" heart as in one without sin; we ALL have sin in us and we all are sinners. By "clean"… I mean one that has reconciled itself to LEAVING OFF hatred, in any form, LEAVING OFF judging and condemning others, but instead freely FORGIVING others when they sin against them, and one which readily and sincerely RELEASES. For it is only in such a heart that God and Christ can dwell.

    I bid you the greatest of peace, dear JT, and I am…

    Your servant and a slave of Christ, to time indefinite,


  • seven006

    SHELBY!!!!!! ya little rascal, how ya do’en? Your story reminds me of the one in the Upanishads about the razors edge. It was written a long time before the narrow road thing in the bible but pretty much has the same story and plot (go figure). Those damn Hindus were a bit ahead of their time when it came to god stuff. It’s good to see the rest of the god world catching up.

    Hurry up and become a lawyer. I want to sue Minimus. Not for anything in particular but just because he’s a goof ball.

    It’s good to see you’re still alive and having visions. I enjoy reading about your conversations with god.

    Take care and big hug.

    A slave to no one. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

  • JamesThomas
    You are in error if you believe that there are not two groups of people: those who belong to God through Christ, and those who don't.

    Only within the grand and colorful imagination, drama and stories of the mind are there gods so limited that we can step beyond them and so "not belong". Only in the mind are gods so manageable and circumscribed as to be named; for you can only name something that is a an object or fragment within the whole and is unique and separate from everything else. Our Source, Wholeness, is not separate from anything.

    You dear Shelby speak for the named gods of the mind which are only another imagined piece, or fragment, or character with the universe, You speak for what divides us into those who belong and those who do not; which breeds separation, fear, strife and war. I attempt to point to what unites us in Oneness and can not be named and which all people, places, things and gods exist within and belong to. We don't need to join anything, or accept and worship anyone, we just need to awaken and see what is real and true about our own being and existence -- already.

    Sometimes I get a sense that you understand, but the drama within your mind just wont let go.

    Peace to you dear; and good luck with your law studies.


  • poppers

    JamesThomas - good to see ya, friend!


  • AGuest

    How the heck are ya... and the greatest of love and peace to you!

    Regarding that Hindu thing: Actually, all "religions" tie back to the one belief. They just kind of took what they wanted, what they could identify with, relate to.... convince people to believe, accept and follow... and went their separate ways. A lot of it is the result of the "telephone" game: you know, where one person tells another, who tells another, and so on... until the account gets so far from the original that it's almost nothing like. That's why there appears to be so much in common between them all as to their beliefs, "stories" and "fables." So much likeness.

    It's kind of sad, though, because it is the deviations that separate... and the original is so... well, elementary and universal... that if heard, all can understand. We just happen to like things to be, well... complicated. We LIKE God being a "mystery". Some of us (clergy?) LIKE being able to say, "I am worthy of this knowledge, but you aren't;" I can understand it, but you can't, so you need to come to me." LOVE it, some do.

    Praise JAH, ANY who wish can get to know Him, the truth about Him, as well as the falsehoods that have been spread for milleniums, even among those who consider themselves to be "entrusted" with "sacred secrets." It's easy for one to let their head get puffed up so that they deviate and begin teaching their own truths, because most people would rather FOLLOW... and some like to be followed. Even if they don't know themselves where they're going.

    As for lawyering, I'm hurrying as fast as I can - getting older every day so would like to get started. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to take the bar... and pass... so we're both gonna have to wait a couple more years. Not to worry: every one I know seems to think the days are flying by at record speed; its seems so to me, too. Seems like I just started and now I'm halfway through, so....

    Anyway, it is SO good to hear from you, my dear Dave. Really! I wish to you best of peace!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ (always)...

    SJ (who would be a Charger fan if I watched football, but I don't anymore - no time; no interest)

  • AGuest

    But, unfortunately, I do not agree: I do believe there is an "us" and "them" mentality that separates, and I believe that many who PROFESS to be among "us"... but truly are not... are the ones who perpetuate that division. A TRUE member of "us" would know that BE an "us" one would be OBLIGATED to unite others to him or her self... that that is the true point of BEING an "us"... and that to separate, due to differences of ANY kind... belief, culture, origin, gender, birth, class, education... whatever... flies in the fact of the ONENESS that we are to seek.

    We are not to seek union with God and Christ by separating ourselves from ANYONE: God is not partial and Christ condemned NO ONE, except those who stood in the way of others' unity with God through him.

    I understand that there are so-called "christians," and other religionists who say "If you don't believe what I believe, you're doomed." That is not the message my Lord taught. Rather, he told such ones to worry about THEMSELVES... that THEY proved themselves sons of their heavenly Father, and that by doing so they would GAIN others... not mislead or burden them into following them.

    He also showed mercy, down to the last second of his life, for his enemies, so that perhaps he could also gain them... and at some point receive FROM them the same love that he SHOWED them. I like that, dear JT, MUCH better than trying to believe in some unknowable, unfathomable, unperceivable, unnamed "god"... presence... being... spirit... life force... or other entity.

    I know my God, JT, because He IS knowable.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy OF my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies... and the peace and love of His Son and Christ, my Lord and Master, JAHESHUAH MISCHAJAH, be upon you... if you so ever should wish it.

    I am your servant, and a slave of Christ,


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