The Narrow Road

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  • AGuest

    To the Household of God that is Israel, and all those who go with... may you all have peace!

    I know that it has been some time since I posted last; working full-time and attending law school full-time sort of commands a great deal of... well, time... and as a result I have been a bit remiss in serving God's Household, at least as far as sharing with you all here what I have received in the manner that I did previously. Thankfully, JAH is not as "exacting" as many have made Him out to be (as demonstrated by the life, love and compassion of His Son, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH), and so I have had the loving FREEDOM to live my life, which I have done with much joy! That being said, the gifts granted me by our Lord have not ceased and from time to time I am granted yet again insight into the spirit realm. I have come here now to share yet another of such visions with you, one of the "narrow road/way." Now, please know that I am well aware that this "road/way" is a metaphor; however, I believe that once you "see" what I have been privileged to "see," you will find its symbolism accurate and appropo.

    Before showing the road/way as it truly exists, my Lord asked me what I thought the road/way looked like. Going back to what I (and most probably you) had been taught, I envisioned a very narrow trail, high upon a precipice, about 2-4 feet wide, which deep chasms on both sides. I imagined walking along that road, trying to place one foot in front of the other, because to take wide steps would put me at risk for falling off the road into one of the chasms. Thus, walking was tedious, slow and... well, not enjoyable. It was, actually, burdensome!!

    My Lord then said to me that this perception was false, that the road/way was not as I had been taught and thus imagined, and he was going to show me more accurately what it really looked like/consisted of. I was then taken in a vision to a road/way that was actually wide by some standards: a good 15-20 feet wide. And on both sides of the road/way was a wall, approximately 5 feet high. Because I am 5' 3" or so, I could see all that was "above" the road on either side. Both views were "beautiful" and appeared to be just beyond the wall(s); however, that was quite misleading because there was, in fact, outside each wall, a very deep chasm (okay, so that part was right!). But the only way I could know that the chasms existed was to actually scale the wall - the impression I got; however, that scaling was not necessarily an easy feat (but it could be done!).

    What was interesting, though, was the point of the walls, their purpose! You see, I had been taught (and most probably, you, too!) that falling off the road was quite easy: one false step and WHOOPS! there you went, over the side and into one of the terrible chasms! My dear ones, I am to bear witness to the TRUTH... that such is NOT true! One cannot fall off the road easily; in fact, one must take literal steps to climb the walls, in order to get off! Let me continue and you will see what I mean.

    The areas outside the walls had names: the area to the left, which I could see in the distance and which appeared quite attractive was named "Piety" (or "Self-righteousness); the area to the right was named "Abandon." And what I learned is that one got OFF the road by trying to get TO one of these areas, either piety/self-righteousness or total abandon, and to get there one would have to scale a wall. Thus, the walls, dear ones, were there to PREVENT (or at least deter) one's being able to reach either area!

    The walls, too, had names; that is, the bricks making up the walls had names. To the left, the bricks were labeled "mercy," "justice," and "forgiveness." To the right, they were labeled as are the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, faith, kindness, mildness, goodness, patience/long-suffering and self-control. As I observed these things, I came to realize that when one pushes past (or scales) mercy, justice and forgiveness, it is because one is heading for (and wants to reach!) piety/self-righteousness... and thus leaves the road/way. Or, alternatively, when one abandons the fruits of the spirit, one heads toward (and wants to reach!) hate... and thus, leaves the road/way. And so falling off the road/way is no accident; it is the result of one's choice to pursue either self-righteousness or hatred!

    There is more. I was next shown the road itself: it was primarily grassy, so that walking would be somewhat "cushioned." But in the very center was a path of soft, thick dirt. Not sand, not... gritty... but soft, powder-fine. And deep. Now, of course, I initially thought "Ahhhh... there's where I'm supposed to walk!" But not true, dear ones! As that path became clearer in my vision, I noticed that while there were tread marks all over the road/way, there was only ONE set of prints straight down the middle. Only one. All of the other prints either crossed back and forth, some were close to the wall on one side or the other, some were close to both at given points, some were straight but to the left of the center, some straight but to the right of the center, etc. But only ONE set was dead center.

    Of course, I knew who prints were in the center, but I was very curious about the others, why THEY weren't closer, straighter, perhaps even right on/in step with the ones in the center. But my Lord helped me to understand that NO ONE's steps but his could walk that straight! Yet, while the others didn't walk as straight as his, or as close to the center, he reassured me that they were all ON the roadway!

    What is the point of the vision? Several things, dear ones: first, that it is not as easy to fall off the road as you may have been led to believe. Second, that while you may not be able to walk straight down the center, the point is to be ON the road, somewhere. Third, that falling off the road is not by accident; it is by choice, and the choices are self-righteousness and hatred. Both swing SO far from the center, that one can lose one's life pursuing either.

    None of us are perfect, dear ones. None of us can be. And the self-righteous, those who are trusting in themselves that they are righteous, who leave off justice, mercy and forgiveness, who point the finger and judge and condemn, whether with their mouths or in their hearts... risk the SAME peril as those who hate their brothers and enemies, literally. The first are hypocrites, whom my Lord condemned and warned us to beware of lest we be led into the same "pit" to which they will go; the second prove themselves "children of the Devil."

    What is there for us, then? To be like our Lord, to the best of our individual abilities: to remember the NEW commandment(s) given us: to LOVE - God, our neighbor(s), one another, and even our enemies... and to continue being modest in walking with our Lord and not think more of ourselves than is necessary to think. It is the only way that WE can ever, while in this life, be "perfect."

    Finally, dear ones, I must remember to tell you that the road... the way... the path... the gate... the door... all of it is our Lord. HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life. And if we stay "on" him... with him... will we stay on the "way."

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of our God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies... and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, be upon you, if you so wish it.

    Servant to the Household of God, Israel, and all those who go with,


  • blondie

    Hi AGuest. Hope things are going well with school. Thanks for stopping by.


  • AGuest

    "Things" are going fine in all aspects, dear Blondie - school, in particular! Law school is tough, challenging, but very interesting - I love it, actually, and thank you for your kind wishes!

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies, and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, be upon you and your entire household.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • gumby

    Shelby my little Rascle..... You've crossed my mind many times. Glad to hear your alive and kicking. Law school eh? *makes mental note to call her when gets his arse in a sling*

    Always nice to hear your motherly ways here....even if we disagree here and there.

    That was quite the vision you had there gal and to tell you the truth.......I like it a lot better than the pic I remembered in the Watchtower as you described only a surefooted Mule could conquer. They made the road look like only a mountain climber could climb and the wide road looked like Hiway 580 goin into the bay area.

    What is the point of the vision? Second, that while you may not be able to walk straight down the center, the point is to be ON the road, somewhere. . Both swing SO far from the center,

    Shelby.....your using an old Freddy Franz trick here. "Tacking in the wind". We go this way and that way but we always end up on target in the end. ( just kiddin).

    It would be nice my friend if this road ever ends in bliss.

    Hugs as always,


  • tetrapod.sapien

    wow AGuest, you're the real thing hey?


    well, welcome back.



  • Been there
    Been there

    Thanks for the info AGuest, I always like hearing what you have to say.

    Glad to hear you are well and doing good in school.

  • Narkissos

    Hello AGuest, nice to see you posting.

    I remember when I was on my way out of the WT, it occurred to me (not as a "vision," just an "idea," but helpful to me back then) that the narrow road I was walking on was a sort of crest between two chasms, which I named "hypocrisy" and "apostasy". The latter of course not by the WT definition, rather something on the lines of "pride". Narrow it was, to the point of vertigo at times. Yet none of the chasms was a real danger for it was not a true "possibility" -- not a "path" to tread on, or to go away.

  • AGuest

    and peace to you! (I tried this once, but it disappeared, so here I go again. If it turns out to be a duplicate, please overlook. Thanks!)

    Gumby-Doll! How the heck are 'ya?! No need to concern yourself with whether we agree or not: my ancient brothers often found themselves in disagreement, with one another, with Paul, with others. In fact, they once had a problem with a man who was speaking about the Master separate from them. My Lord's response? "He that is not against you is for you." I have never discerned that you were against me, dear Gumby, and so I consider you "for" me, in your own sweet way. The greatest of love and peace to you and yours!

    Dearest Been There: May you have peace! Although I sometimes find myself wishing that these were in fact what *I* have to say, I would be totally deceiving everyone here if I took any credit. As I have said many times before, it is not mine, but what I received from my Lord. Please forgive me, I do not mean to offend (and I am sure you know that), but I must give the credit and glory to whom it rightfully and properly belongs. I am no different from you or anyone else; I am just as average, just as normal (although, I do have a couple friends who tell me from time to time that I am a bit "abi-normal" - LOL!). Again, peace to you!

    Dearest Tetrapod: May you, too, have peace! If by "the real thing," you mean "a good for nothing slave, doing what I ought to have done," then I must confess: you have me perfectly pegged! Thank you!

    And Dearest Narkissos: That you had the "idea" is sufficient for me, dear one (and peace to you!). Where such idea came from, however, is between you and Christ - I cannot dispute what you believe to be true.

    (And finally, hello there, dear DC! I am SO glad to "see" that you are well and around. Perhaps we'll speak one day, soon! The greatest of love and peace to you!)

    (Not to slight you, either, dear Steph - I am sorry to have been "away" so long, but you know how to "reach" me if you care to. XOXOXOXOXOXOX!!)

    Peace, ALL.... and please forgive if I am "silent" and "away" for another while. Life calls, which I am sure you understand!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • nowisee

    thank you for posting. this (now mostly lurker) one has missed you. i hope your studies are going well. God bless you always. nowisee

  • JamesThomas

    Shelby dear, I too have missed you and wondered how you are. Glad to see you posting.

    Finally, dear ones, I must remember to tell you that the road... the way... the path... the gate... the door... all of it is our Lord. HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life. And if we stay "on" him... with him... will we stay on the "way."

    Could it be dear, that our Source is so unending and great as to truly be "all of it"; and so even though it may seem so, there is no way possible to be separate?


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