Part of necessary convention business is handling large sums of money.

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  • Gretchen956

    I actually counted at one DC in Tucson. They were short on brothers, and I had been in banking many years at that time. I was the only woman there and BOY did they watch me. I really felt like a fish out of water. I counted about five or six times as fast as most of them too! The second day when I tried to join them a different "brother" asked me where I was going. I told him. He said, "well lets just find a different job for you."


  • RichieRich
    Counting Money

    The accounts overseer is personally to prenumber in ink all the Receipt forms (CO-40) in duplicate (an original and a carbon copy bearing the same number). When money is received in the Accounts Department, several brothers will work together at the counting table. They should be informed of the source of the money and, as it is counted, fill out in ink a prenumbered Receipt form in duplicate. The carbon copy of this Receipt is to be sent to the Administration Office immediately. The original should be retained by the Accounts Department. If an error is later found in the original count, then both copies of the Receipt form should be corrected, with both the Administration and Accounts departments initialing the correction. If more checks are received than lines are provided on the Receipt form, then an adding machine tape with all checks accounted for may be stapled to the original form instead of entering them individually . In the case that one finds a false check, cleverly pointing out some of our flaws, just throw it away. It's this kid in NC, we're about to get him anyway. In this case, a verification tape should be stapled to the duplicate Receipt form. No one is permitted to take money off any counting table until it has been counted, verified, and recorded on the Receipt forms. Also, no book bags, purses, and so forth, are to be permitted around or under the counting tables when money is being counted and recorded on the Receipt forms. An overseer is to be assigned for each table, and he is to see that all these instructions are followed.
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    The guy was deleted from the list of MS but no judical action was taken - because he confessed and offered restitution, he was deemed "repentant." Or perhaps the real reason was we felt sorry for him and his circumstances. There was no public reproof. The congo was never informed about the matter.

    I have seen this about 5 times over my time in the WTS. They did exactly the above in each case. After all, would this person have gotten away with this if a true audit had been done? Not likely. So wasn't part of the responsibility the PO's for not following the procedures?

    I always thought it was odd to do the work behind curtains rather than a room with a door that could be locked. With all the non-JWs that could be at the convention that might invade the room and take it, how safe could it be? The men in JW security only had radios to protect the other JWs.

    (Above, he should have been privately reproved) Ananias and Sapphira were executed.


  • cyber-sista

    At one assembly a few years back I attended I had the "privledge" of guarding the donation box. I didn't really want to do it, but a brother insisted that I do. We were given very specific instructions. During the prayer the brothers would stand close by and we were instructed to put our hand over the money slot, so no one would steal anything while we had our eyes closed I thought this was sort of silly--the donation box hole was only a slot and if someone tried to put their hands in there they would have to rip the box open-well, maybe if they used a coat hanger...


  • hillbilly

    I worked on the count crew when associated in the Memphis-TN 3 area. We has a security detail for the cash room and security on the donation boxes. It was nothing to count and verify $20 grand a couple of times a day at one table and we had several.

    You had to have a coded badge and people had to vouch for you to get these jobs. Louis Longoria was an elder in Union City Tn during those a CPA he managed the Accounting Dept. Most of the Security and count crew was from his Cong or those nearby. Some of you may know George Longoria from Brooklyn Bethel (son)

    Louis and Marylin did some circuit work later... I heard she wasnt well liked.

    It's all about the money.


  • wednesday

    I have had close personl friends who are elders, and they tell me that stealing from the org is common enough , and brothers have been disciplined for it. I was surprised.

  • garybuss

    Lol @ Rich

  • Honesty
    Gary, they have all those rules to prevent those fine, upstanding JWs from stealing from the WTS.


    Payback is hell isn't it, Ted.

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