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  • stillAwitness

    (Here is the link of you don't:)

    ...well she came over to stay over for the night like she does every Wednesday night after the meeting but this time I noticed she had suitcases and overnight bags filled with clothes with her too.

    Mom just informed me that because her husband died a little while back (they were in Bethel togethor for about 30 years and he died of a heart attack) she apparently has not been able to sleep alone in her apartment anymore (the apartment the Society has provided for her right above a Kingdom Hall in another city)

    Mom says she has not fully gotten over her husband's death-she has anxiety attacks at night (the guest room is right beside my room and she has awaken me at night a number of times by her wailing of "no no no and oh Jehovah" ) so she is planning to move out and "serve where the need is greater" in March.

    Now I feel bad guys! I mean the lady wasn't all that bad. I just think about how she has just wasted her life away being what they call a "special pioneer" now her husband is gone and she has nothing left but this damn cult. It makes me feel so sorry for her.

    No formal education, all her assets, even her car were all provided by the WT. I mean she went to Bethel at freaking 19 years old!! What if she wanted to one day decide to stop pioneering?

    And guess which country she plans to serve at!? The Chezh Republic! Does anyone know if its even safe to be in that country? Especially for us "stupide americaines!"

  • misspeaches

    Hey Stilla that is sad... It seems like this poor woman is all over the shop and just looking to escape the memories she has of her husband perhaps? Maybe she is feeling really lonely and is looking for some fulfillment and is thinking about this.

    Can you clarify what you mean that the Society has provided an apartment for her? Did they find it? Do they charge her rent? etc...

  • sass_my_frass

    Hey lovie, don't worry yourself about it, just be polite to her while she's still there. Grief is really something only the person going through it can get through. Czech Republic, yeah about as safe as anywhere, and it will be exactly what she wants - that's the important thing - she'll be thinking she's doing an important job for Jehovah, and will be feeling needed again. That's about all she's going to get out of life, short of as you know, one day leaving the cult and being left on her own. That's too much to ask of somebody in her situation. I think people like her are better off left alone. People are all different and she has to learn to get along with everybody, including, say, people like you. If you're feeling guilty about it, just use it as a lesson in mutual respect of the differences in people, and in the future you'll be that much more tolerant of small people.

  • Highlander

    She'll be relatively safe there. It's a european country with an economy that is growing, relatively speaking. As a foreigner, she'll obviously always have to be careful, but she should

    be fine there.

    I know what you mean though,, I would feel bad for her. Having spent an entire life being dependent upon the WT corp for even the smallest of needs.

    Now that she lost her husband, she has lost the only thing tangible in her life. It seems she has a choice, try and make it on her own away from the WT, or

    completely immerse herself into it by 'going where the need is great' In my mind she's making the 'safe' and easy choice, but the wrong one. I hope the best for her.

  • Satanus

    Yes, the poor lady needs to go through her grief. A place away from where she and her nusband were helps. Also, she needs to be around people. Sad also, that the wt will not be providing much for her in her assignment. If the wt was cool, it would either keep her at bethel for the rest of her life, or pay her a pension. Heck, even the catholic church looks after it's priests and nuns when they get old. The wt really sucks for a corp that brags so much about itself.


  • stillAwitness

    Can you clarify what you mean that the Society has provided an apartment for her? Did they find it? Do they charge her rent? etc...

    Well I don't know exactly but my mom said she is a special pioneer, served in Bethel nearly all her life and I guess once her husband died they gave her permission to go back out in the real world. (Wonder what thats like?)

    Anyway, apparently yes, the Society provided her with housing. She lived in an apartment right above a Kingdom Hall in her hometown but apparently the Hall was in some remote rural town where there was practically no civilization (which she would always joke about but you could tell she hated the idea)

  • serendipity

    Hi stilla,

    Did the WTS give her permission or kick her out? Remember the status of women? She's in a tough predicament. When she comes down with a debilitating illness, she'll have nothing. I feel VERY sorry for her.

  • Satanus

    At least check is a socialist state, so if the wt drops her, the state will take care of her, if she chooses to stay there. It shows who is better.


  • Scully
    the apartment the Society has provided for her right above a Kingdom Hall

    Sorry, but the Society™ doesn't deserve the credit for the apartment. The Congregation™ pays the Society™ a per-publisher amount each month for rent and you can bet your bottom dollar that the apartment accommodations are figured in to that amount.

    You're kinder than I would be. It would drive me insane to have someone so emotionally dependent on me for company.

  • stillAwitness

    I didn't know that Scully. Thanks for clarifying that.

    Did the WTS give her permission or kick her out?

    I'm assuming they gave her the approval but I really am not sure. Would they actually do this? Just kick someone out??? I mean her hubby died for God's sake!

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