Richie's Elders: Deaf? Dumb? Both?

by RichieRich 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • Severus

    Fellow "sneak" here.

    First off Richie, I bow to your prowess.

    You prove over and over again that dispite your sneaking "double heart" Jehovah just keeps on lavishing you with praise by means of his spirit directed elders.

    Nina needs to review a few of your past threads regarding your elder's meetings, your plans to DA and your direct nature, including posting your own picture all over this site.

    Come to think of it Richie isn't a sneak at all.

  • serendipity


    What did your mother say about your comments? I hope she knows you weren't serious.

  • TallTexan

    You rock dude. <headbanging for RR>

    Seriously. That was sweet.


    As RR is still technically a minor, he may not have the opportunity to express his true feelings at this juncture. I think this follows the rule of "an immoral law should be broken". In this case, the WTS has NO right to invade RR's personal life, yet they do. If they invade without right, he has every right to be a 'sneak' as you so inappropriately put it. I personally call it 'playing close to the vest'. It's his business, so he does NOT have to share it with everyone around him.

  • Quentin

    Were you wearing sneakers Richie? To be sneaky gotta wear sneakers.

    He jerked their chain. So? As a group the JWs will say or do anything to further their cause, and don't care who gets trampled under in the process. Richie has been as open as anyone can in his position. Richie I applaud you. Your reward will be great.

  • CountryGuy

    Hey Richie,

    What is that wrapped around your little finger? Oh, I see. It's your local body of elders!

    Good job!

  • atypical

    Richie, good job man!

    To nina, I don't see how he was sneaky at all. He was blatantly honest in a way that the elders can do nothing about. He has figured out how to play their own game to his advantage. I think he will be able to keep a better grip on his sanity because of it. I wish I had been as aware of what was going on at his age.

    Keep up the good work, man.

    PS - Nina, how come you aren't more worried about the fake kid who smokes and looks at porn? He's the one misleading everybody.

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