If it was legal, would you have more then one spouse?

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  • free2beme

    Often what we accept in society, is based on how and where we were raised. For example, in some countries it is okay to have more then one spouse and arranged marriages are how you marry. Often we take these examples, and others that happen elsewhere, and label them as just wrong. Yet in your own history, I would bet someone was in an arranged marriage and if that did not happen, you would not be. Now with the extra spouses, personally I can not understand the emotional balance that would need. As having one spouse is often a challenge of trying to make a relationship work and adding to that, would just make the equation harder to balance. Yet where it is done, they do work. So maybe if life was more simple here, like it is there, we would not see it the same way. I have friends who are LDS (I call them LSD's for fun) and they will debate it out often, that having more then one spouse is not only workable, it is natural. Most of the time when it is mentioned in conversations, you have the question of, "how big is that bed you sleep in" or other questions about the sex life. The main thing I always noticed though, is it is always men with more wives and never woman with more husbands. Which makes me conclude that it most likely originated to keep our species continuing, as so many woman in history died at child birth and if you were of nobility, you need lots of heirs. In any sense, would you, if it were legal, would you have more then one spouse? Basically, can you mind accept that or is the idea just something that bothers you?

  • damselfly

    Well I don't even want one spouse, so I couldn't imagine having two or more! It seems like too much work to keep everyone happy and divide your time up.

    None for me thanks.


  • avishai

    Yeah, geez, what a headache!!

  • Confession

    I'm pretty open-minded, but it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  • daystar


    Well I don't even want one spouse

    *sniff* Aw, you broke my heart.

  • AlmostAtheist

    OMG! I can't even imagine the hell this would lead to. OMG... no, mustn't think about it... where's that nicotine gum? *chew, chew* Happy place, happy place, happy place...


  • Finally-Free

    I think it would be best to have 2 spouses, one on each side of you; one to yell in each of your ears. If you're lucky they'll drown each other out. You'll feel more balanced with the screaming in stereo rather than just on one side.


  • IMustBreakAway

    I have always thought it would interesting if it were more radicaly different. More like nests. 6-7 people live together in a house and share responsiblities, fun, and love.... More like your team in life than just your spouse..

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Dave if you were a wee bit older and I was a wee bit younger I might consider it - just for the humor factor

    but seriously NO WAY.

    I keep leaving the 1's I get

  • Finally-Free
    6-7 people live together in a house

    OMG!!! Nagging in surround sound!!!


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