The New System, What will we remember?

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  • DaveNwisconsin

    Hopefully we will all be wearing clean underware when we enter it!

  • breeze

    Why would this system change? The God that ignores all of the things going on here is not going to change it by killing off all these people, why should he that are dying anyway? The individual/god that set these things in motion probably has a plan in place that will make changes over time but not by a time table devised by primarily Jews in writings from thousands of years ago.

    Why, would a being of such wisdom, put forth a book that is so confusing that it is mostly useless. It ignores the life of Christ right up until he starts into his adult hood and covers up any discussion of what he did in his life except for very vague references. Many historians believe and have some evidence that Christ traveled into

    But I am only one dumb old man…..I am confused more than ever…..

    PS: Don’t try to straighten out my thinking it is too late.


  • candysearching

    I had a conversation about memory in the "new system" with my JW mother in law. I asked her how my situation would likely play out. I am married now with one child from my current (and hopefully permanent) marriage to her son. I also have two children from a previous marriage. So, if I was resurrected (who knows, maybe God will have a sense of humor), as well as all my children and my present husband, wouldn't I wonder where my other two children came from? (Assuming my ex-husband is not resurrected (remade)). Suppose my current husband dies, and I then remarry and have more children. If we are all three resurrected (the adults) would I remember my husband whom I love dearly? What of my committment to my new husband? Would I forget I was married altogether? If so, will I forget that I have children?

    All I got in response was a lot of "maybes". Maybe this, maybe that.

    I'm sorry, but "maybe" just doesn't cut it.

  • daniel-p

    "All I got in response was a lot of "maybes". Maybe this, maybe that.

    I'm sorry, but "maybe" just doesn't cut it."

    -Wait upon Jehovah, dear.

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