Man COURT ORDERED to attend K-Hall meetings!!

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    ooh, big surprise, yet another drunk going to the Kingdumb Hall. I'm sure he'll make Elder in no time.
    MastoDon (of the "Fry me in the chair... I ain't going to the Hall again" Class)

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    I would understand his sentence if he had kill a bunch of people... that judge was way too harsh.

  • nilfun
    Man COURT ORDERED to attend K-Hall meetings!!

    Um...and here I was thinking that torture was a violation of the geneva conventions.....

  • DannyHaszard

    Yah'al in the mood for writing to reporters consider this story too. Estate owner wants to avoid $33,000 tax bill by making home a ...
    Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, FL - 29 minutes ago
    ... He said he was ordained as a minister in 1958 while growing up as a Jehovah's Witness and that he started the Seafarer's Church while living in the Caribbean ... [email protected] reporter covering above story For Gumby^^

  • Rooster

    Maybe he will find one of those lonely misguided women with 4 children and start up a relationship.

  • LDH
    A judge CANNOT force a person to participate in religious activities any more than a judge can restrict a person from participating in religious activities.

    He was given a choice.

    Anyone else find it odd that he went to a JW church? Nobody even knows who these yokels are, he must have a tie in.

  • DannyHaszard
    A news perspective with analysis from cult expert Rick Ross
    Cult News, NJ - 32 minutes ago
    The man sentenced Brett Haines told the presiding judge Tuesday that he had attended services at a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. ...
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    Can an alleged bigot learn tolerance from Jehovah’s Witnesses?

    Posted in Miscellaneous at 11:11 am by Rick Ross

    An alleged bigot convicted of disorderly conduct and accused of using racial slurs was sentenced to attend church instead of jail in Ohio reported The Enquirer of Cincinnati.

    The man sentenced Brett Haines told the presiding judge Tuesday that he had attended services at a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. Alleged bigot Brett Haines stands up for his final judgement

    Alleged bigot Brett Haines stands up for his final judgement

    The judge seemed pleased and apparently hopes that a religious experience will somehow broaden the man’s narrow mindedness, but how is this possible given the church he chose?

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of the most intolerant, narrow-minded and ethnocentric religious organizations in the world today, not some ecumenical group of do-gooders.

    Witnesses don’t celebrate Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter because they are labeled “pagan.”

    They also eschew any involvement in other officially organized groups such as Boy Scouts and even exclude their children from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at school, because this would somehow demonstrate divided loyalties. Is this the example of inclusiveness and tolerance the judge had in mind?

    According to Witnesses only their organization known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and its so-called “Governing Body” is used by Jehovah to communicate with the world today.

    Therefore in contrast, any other church or organization is essentially suspected of serving “Satan” and/or under some sort of “Satanic” influence.

    Maybe the judge should reconsider his sentence given his hope of reforming and rehabilitating Mr. Haines?

    Why not be more specific and assign him to work at some urban program that serves the poor?

    Perhaps a community project run by the NAACP?

    Haines is unlikely to learn the ideal of tolerance from the Witnesses, who after all go door-to-door preaching that “Jehovah” will ultimately murder all those that don’t agree with their beliefs when the final judgement day comes.

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  • steve2

    The Kingdom Hall or prison? What's the difference????

  • belbab

    WatchTower, Watchtower! quick, quick!

    New way to increase meeting attendance!

    All JWs who have exited and have become drunks, please return to your congregations


    Oh, wait a minute, what if they are disfellowshiped? What if the one the judge ordered back is already disfellowshipped?

    Quite a conundrum for the Watchtower.

    New Headline,

    Drunk Jehovah's Witnesses ordered back to JW meetings and is Disfellowshipped.

    I always knew God has a sense of humor


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