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  • TallTexan


    She went back to our other sister whose husband is an elder and had him call me to say that I am to have absolutely no contact with them.

    I would have told him that he is NOT my relative and it's none of his business and to go do the biologically impossible. Did you ask him why?

    I know it's pointless to argue w/ the brainwashed, but it's so frustrating.

    To answer your original question, I know members of my family know I'm on here, and it doesn't change the way I post one bit.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    tt, yeah, thought about tht too after the fact.

    When he called I was actually on the phone trying to get through customer service for our cable com and had just gotten cut off. So the phone rang and I didn't rec the #, when I picked it up and he ided himself, I thought it was another person I know by the same name. When Irealized who it was, I was at a loss for words. As I listened, I thought of 100 things I wanted to say, but the only thing I cared about was how was my grand niece who just had heart surgery. So I asked about her.

    anyhow. I thought at first yeah, I'd frame my posts around what they might or might not read...

    but what's the point? would it make a difference? is it worth the try?


  • ferret

    Yes it would, my comments would be stronger and directed.

  • Ellie

    Well, I have reason to suspect they are, it doesn't affect the way I post, it annoys me a little to think that I'm probably still being watched and judged, but this thread gives me the opportunity to smile and wave and say "Hiya Andy".

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I dont think I would change at all. The only JW family member I have is my mother and I'm at the point with here where I dont hold anything back.

  • undercover

    Wow, good question.

    At first I thought that, yes I would change how I post, but the more I think about it, I don't think I would so much. Everything I've posted up to now is easy enough to find, so what's the point in changing now? I think us faders would just have to face the fact that we got made and deal with it.

  • undercover
    Yesterday I saw something on here about child abuse and copied a portion of it and sent it, I did this at my own risk that she would tell me to cut it out. Well, she did more then that. She went back to our other sister whose husband is an elder and had him call me to say that I am to have absolutely no contact with them.

    I sent my sister one last email, basically letting her know (in my own way) there would be no contact.

    Her husband sent one back that eluded to things that people have said to me on this and another forum.

    Now, they don't want any contact with you whatsoever, but apparently someone in the family is keeping tabs on you. Hypocrites.

    Instead of stopping posting or cutting back, since you know they are watching you, this is your oppurtunity to let them know that exactly how you feel, what you KNOW is wrong about the WTS and how you are going to live your life from now on. If they don't like what they read, well, they can always stop reading. If they're devout JWs, they ain't even supposed to be here anyway. Hypocrites.

  • sherrid


    First of all, no one can, or should try to tell you not to have contact with your own freakin' family, just because you don't wish to be a member of the "Orginanisation"!! Tell him to quote to you from the BIBLE where he gets his demands that you be kept away from his family, tell him to cite Christ Jesus and the example HE set while on earth, tell him that you want to know FROM THE SCRIPTURES where he gets off, because if he uses the one about quit mixing in company one, he is TWISTING the word of GOD, because you have merely shown, beyond a reasonable doubt that there are some SERIOUS ISSUES with this "Organisation" that they refer to as belonging to a God of LOVING KINDNESS, JUSTICE, FORGIVENESS, AND COMPASSION!!

    I'm heading home in a few, i might give you a call.......................

    Pray for me, and i'll pray for YOU!!

    Sherri D.

  • sass_my_frass

    I think that the day my mother shuns me for good I'll send her a link to my topics list. She'll probably reject it immediately but if she's any kind of mother she'll use it to follow me and what's happening in my life. Maybe reading her phone text conversations will show her how insane her thought process is.

    Note to her now, in case she ever does...

    Hi! Love you... call me anytime. It's true what I said, I've already forgiven you. It probably doesn't matter to you now, but in a few decades when armageddon hasn't come and you're at the end, you'll wonder if you did the right thing, and when that happens, remember... I've already forgiven you.
  • free2beme

    Not in the least

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