A Kind Word

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  • Billygoat

    I think this is a thread meant for the stars! Arrowstar, daystar, BlessedStar...

    Love you tons sweet mama! (((((Lisa)))))


  • arrowstar

    love you too little babygirl. little GoatStar....

  • juni

    Drinks look yummy!!!!! Yeah. "The secret is in the sauce." And "these are mighty fine ribs." Oh yuck.

    TOWANDA to all of you ladies. Junistar****************

  • arrowstar

    juniStar - you are just too fun!! You're good for what ails me today.


  • Sunspot
    Kathy Bates in it dealing w/menopause and Jessica Tandy. Wonderful story.

    I'm older and I have more insurance!!!!

    Now I can't "get the red out".....

    Lisa...I have been teased for being superemotional since I was ten! It hasn't gotten any better....and it's what makes me.....ME! I imagine the same could be said for you too...ya think??

    When my eyes leak at inopportune times, I just have to deal with it!

    Take care----you ARE among friends....and we love you.....just the way you are!

    love n' hugs,


  • arrowstar

    I'm older and I have more insurance!!!!

    That's it!! That's the line.

    Thank you, Annie. You know, there are days (like today) where it's just so hard to keep going, but keep on going we must. I'll be damned if I'll let this get the best of me. I guess I've had to be strong with no one but me to rely on for so long that there comes a point when it all comes crashing down under the weight.

    I will always be grateful for the good folks here in Dallas and the good people of this board who have been there for me when I crash. You'll never understand what y'all mean to me.

    oh dammit...I've started blubbering again. Thank the gods for paper towels and thank MaryKay for water-resistant mascara.


  • misspeaches


    I think I understand how you feel. Sometimes we get so bogged down and then we read some good news from someone and its like a ray of sunshine. Watching as people go through their healing can really be emotional and take it out of you.

    Something I have found here though is the most beautiful people with the most genuine hearts. The amount of times I am surprised by peoples acts of kindness, be it their words, or more can not be counted. I am proud to be associated with such a community!

    Here have one of my very favourite beverages... LONG ISLAND ICED TEA! That'll cheer us all up!!!

  • arrowstar

    ah Misspeaches - you are so right about the geniune good-hearted people in this community. I am amazed every day at the random acts of kindness.

    Now, about that Long Island Ice Tea....gal, I hope you have a pitcher and a straw for me

  • MsMcDucket

    I'll take a couple of saucy ribs with some fried green tomatoes. Heck, throw a beer in with it!

  • bikerchic
    All I know, is that I'm reading the board and all the sadness from the mother issues and family issues has just gotten to me today. As I'm typing this, I've got tears streaming down my face which is not a good thing since I sit at a front desk.


    I do the same thing from time to time. I don't know why the mood just hits me outa the blue and last for a while. My therapist once told me it's normal, there is no cure for normal.......so I hope that makes you feel better to know you're normal. Moods ebb and flow it's a sign of good mental health when you can ride it out.

    Course it sure helps to have good friends to lean on!

    *clink* Cheers and hugs!

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